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Best 0W-20 Synthetic OilWith vehicles becoming more and more high tech and constantly in need of preventative maintenance, car owners need to do everything they can to ensure their car continues to run smoothly and efficiently. From the more major electronics such as the main vehicle computer all the way down to the mechanical moving parts, individuals need to take care to regularly service those parts themselves or by a professional in order to maintain a finely tuned ride. A major component of any smoothly running vehicle is the engine oil. Car engines have many moving parts and all that movement creates friction and heat. To prevent overheating and damage to the vehicle, a car must have engine oil, but what type is the best?

Synthetic Vs Conventional

There are two major types of engine oil; synthetic and conventional. Conventional oil is a derivative of crude oil that has the ability to provide lubrication for engine parts at higher temperatures. It also has longevity and can maintain its properties over long periods of time. Synthetic oil starts off as conventional oil and goes through a specific refining process that removes additional impurities to increase its lubrication and longevity properties. There are several different blends of synthetic oils and all have different purposes such as improving your car’s mileage or protecting high-performance engines.

What makes synthetic oil preferable over conventional?

There are many factors that play into why synthetic oils are preferable over conventional. With the added refinement, most synthetic oils have improved stability, less breakdown, increased lubrication, and fewer impurities over conventional oil. The improved stability maintains the thickness of the oil at high temperatures for much longer periods of time, which is beneficial for high performance engines. In addition, synthetic oils have improved longevity, which decreases their breakdown life and they tend to last longer than conventional oils. The increased lubrication maintains the slickness of engine parts especially at higher engine temperatures, which decreases engine wear and tear. Finally, with the refining process that synthetic oils go through, more impurities are removed, which decreases engine sludge buildup and maintains good engine performance.

What should I look for in synthetic oil?

There are several things that should be found on any bottle of motor oil, namely what its purpose is, the viscosity of the oil, and whether it is a partial or full synthetic oil. Obviously, as a car owner, you care about the purpose of the oil because the wrong oil can do major damage to your vehicle. Is the oil intended for high performance cars or higher mileage cars? The intended purpose means a lot for your car performance.

Have you ever wondered what the numbers on the oil bottle mean? What is 0W-20 or 10W-40 oil? That is the viscosity of the oil in different temperatures. The first number always indicates the viscosity or flow of the oil at a low temperature while the second number indicates the viscosity or flow of the oil at 100 degrees Celsius. So in the case of 0W-20 synthetic oil, it has a better cold temperature start performance at 0 compared to the 10W-40 oil, while it tends to be thinner at 100 degrees Celsius compared to the higher viscosity oil.

Not all synthetic oils are full synthetic. Some are only partial synthetics that are a mixture with mineral oil. While full synthetic is typically the best, car owners might choose a partial synthetic due to the cost as they tend to be cheaper while still providing most of the high end benefits that full synthetic oils provide.

Best 0W-20 Synthetic Oil on the Market

Let us take a look at a few of the best-selling, high-performing 0W-20 synthetic oils on the market today.

Mobil 1 120758 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil for 0W-20

One of the top selling synthetic motor oils is Mobil 1’s Advanced Full Synthetic. It has a low viscosity perfect for cold weather environments and as it is a full synthetic sees an improved oil life even with the extreme temperatures. It is recommended for used in vehicles that call for SAE 0W-20 or 5W-20 motor oil.

  • Pros

The major benefit of this full synthetic is the increased capability over partial synthetics. It is also designed especially to increase fuel economy by up to two percent and improve overall engine efficiency. In addition, it helps extend engine life especially in cold weather areas as it has high marks for low-temperature qualities. As with any synthetic, it reduces engine wear and tear and has a high oil life with few impurities. It has high marks amongst buyers and is noted to work with most all new model vehicles.

  • Cons

The largest customer complaint for this product seems to relate mostly to the availability and pricing. Since more cars require a high quality synthetic oil, 0W-20 synthetic oil especially this one, are often on back order and hard to find at good prices.


Castrol 03060 GTX MAGNATEC 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Another popular full synthetic motor oil is the Castrol GTX MAGNATEC motor oil. It comes in a standard five quart jug. As a full synthetic, it has increased engine performance, increased oil life, and prevents engine buildup. It also gets high marks for improved fuel economy.

  • Pros

The GTX MAGNATEC reduces engine wear by coating critical engine components even in cold weather environments. The special formula designed by Castrol contains molecules specifically designed to cling to engine components in all weather conditions regardless of temperature and even when the engine is not running. This maintains constant lubrication throughout the engine block and increases engine life. Castrol claims it makes engine parts four times smoother as found through testing. The price is also a major pro compared to other brands.

  • Cons

This is another high ranked motor oil especially for the price and there were very few complaints. However, customers did note that they thought the Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic performed better and that it did not always maintain its 0W fluidity as claimed and that it tended to actually thicken at colder temperatures.


Valvoline 0W-20 SynPower Full Synthetic Motor Oil

SynPower Full Synthetic motor oil by Valvoline was created to handle the major stresses on an engine; wear, heat, and sludge buildup. It is known to keep engine blocks cleaner than other synthetic brands and all while maintaining high fuel economy performance. It comes in the standard five quart bottle.

  • Pros

A major pro of this full synthetic is that it contains additives that are designed to reduce engine wear. In addition, it has extra detergent and dispersant to cut down on engine sludge buildup and keeps engine deposits from forming. SynPower also has low viscosity at low temperature as with all full synthetics, which makes it perfect for cold weather performance.

  • Cons

Most customer reviews were positive and buyers noted it performed as stated in a variety of vehicles. The only repeat complaint about this oil seemed to be in relation to its packaging and not the oil itself. Customers noted it often showed up leaking with the main seal broken.


Mobil 1 120903 Extended Performance 0W-20 Motor Oil

The Mobil 1 Extended Performance motor oil comes in the standard five quart size. It performs well in all range of operating conditions from mild to severe and provides great engine lubrication. It is recommended as a 15,000 mile or one year oil, depending on which milestone comes first.

  • Pros

This motor oil has high marks for lubrication, parts protection, and engine sludge prevention. Its specially designed formula is meant to work well with all internal engine components including seals and does not break them down as some other oils may. This prevention puts less stress on the engine and extends overall life. The Mobil 1 Extended Performance also has a highly stable consistency throughout temperature ranges. This is a common complaint for other motor oils and Mobil 1 performs as stated for 0W weather conditions. In addition, this formula was designed to increase the interval between oil changes, but still maintain excellent engine performance.

  • Cons

This is another high marked engine oil, but it has similar complaints as others about packaging standards. Customers noted receiving a damaged, leaking product a small percentage of the time.


Castrol 03124 EDGE 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Another Castrol Full Synthetic oil with high marks that performs well for most customers. This particular blend of Castrol is designed for more high performance pressure engines. EDGE is designed specially to prevent metal rubbing throughout the engine block and maintain full lubrication. It also comes in the standard five quart size.

  • Pros

As mentioned above, this product is formulated to handle higher pressure engine environments without degrading performance. It works to maintain maximum engine efficiency and protect critical engine components that suffer more wear and tear in high performance engines.

  • Cons

There were not any notable complaints about this motor oil other than at least one customer said they preferred Mobil 1 over this blend. However, there was not a specific reason noted as to why.


Pennzoil 550046127 Platinum 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Our first Pennzoil Synthetic on the list, this blend is designed for vehicles that call for the 0W-20 or 5W-20 motor oils. It comes in a five quart jug.

  • Pros

The biggest pro of this motor oil is that it is made from natural gas, which makes it great for more environmentally conscious car owners. It reduces engine friction and rubbing and protects engine parts against extreme temperature changes.

  • Cons

This had no negative comments amongst customers that we found. It performed as stated for high performance engines.


Royal Purple 51020 API-Licensed SAE 0W-20 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

Our final 0W-20 recommended motor oil is the Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic motor oil. It comes in the standard five quart bottle, but it most notably the highest priced of all brands. It is known for engine corrosion protection and reduction in sludge buildup.

  • Pros

A major pro of this motor oil is that it has increased reliability when combined with ethanol containing fuels. It also gets high marks for engine protection when used with more expensive emission system cars. The Royal Purple also provides superior wear and tear engine part protection along with improved fuel economy.

  • Cons

This was another high ranked synthetic motor oil, but it did have a few complaints against it. Customers stated that it was only good for about 10,000 miles between oil changes, which was lower compared to some other extended mileage options. It also decreased some users’ fuel efficient even though it claims to increase fuel economy.

We have provided a lot of information about the benefits of synthetic over conventional motor oils. They increase engine part lubrication, have noticeably less breakdown compared to conventional oil, and far fewer impurities. As more cars on the road require high quality engine oils to perform at their peak, 0W-20 synthetic oils are a great option for any car owner looking to increase the overall life of their engine, reduce the buildup of engine sludge, and improve cold weather engine reliability. We recommend reading online customer reviews to determine if the different oils we have provide meet your desired quality expectations. Most importantly though, we recommend verifying whether this motor oil is compatible with your vehicle make and model and will provide the increased qualities you need to ensure your car is working at peak capacity. Price is not everything even though several customer reviews noted as such. You get what you pay for and with synthetics, a higher price may just provide a better engine performance or extended fuel efficiency over lower priced options. Make sure to keep that in mind before purchasing any of the above recommended brands.

How long does 0w20 synthetic oil last?

How Usually Should You Adjustment Synthetic Oil? Standard oil change intervals are commonly noted at 5,000 miles or 6 months to guarantee peak efficiency. Toyota models that are called for to make use of 0W-20 artificial oil expand that interval to 10,000 miles or twelve month.

What does 0w 20 oil mean?

This number informs you just how viscous the oil is when it’s warm. The W really represents “winter” yet generally suggests “viscosity when cold.” So 10W-40 oil imitates SAE 10 oil when it’s cold, however imitates SAE 40 oil when it’s warm. 0W-20 oil imitates SAE 0 oil when it’s chilly, however imitates SAE 20 oil when it’s hot.

Is it OK to use 0w20 instead of 5w30?

0w20 is created for cooler winter temperatures and far better fuel economy because it has a reduced viscosity( circulation characteristics/Thickness) Nevertheless, the price that is paid is the possibility of increased engine wear due to thinner oil that can not support parts too.

Is 0w20 better than 5w20?

Why is 0W20 better than 5W20 synthetic engine oil for exhausts. This is due to the fact that 5W-20 engine oil is thinner than a 15W-40 electric motor oil and also therefore has less interior engine frictional losses, or much less drag on the crankshaft, pistons and also valvetrain, which subsequently advertises enhanced gas economic situation.

Can you go 10000 miles with synthetic oil?

Only Toyota automobiles in which 0w-20 artificial oil is called for (other than 3UR-FBE Engines *) have actually been accepted for extensive oil modification periods of 10,000-miles/ 12-months. (However, you must remain to examine the oil level regularly as well as cover off if needed. That will aid your engine get the complete advantage of artificial oil.).

How long can you go between oil changes with synthetic oil?

Although suggested oil adjustment periods vary by lorry producer, generally, an excellent general rule to follow is to change standard electric motor oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. “If you’re utilizing complete artificial oil, we advise dealing with 7,500 between modifications,” claims Leo Jay of Dere Auto in Seattle.

Is 0w 20 oil too thin?

Solution: Yes, 0W-20 is absolutely risk-free for your engine. Suppliers have actually been specifying 5W-20 and also 0W-20 since the early part of the last decade and there is no evidence whatsoever that engine wear rates have increased.

Is Toyota 0w 20 oil Synthetic good?

Authentic Toyota motor oil 0W-20 uses a Toyota-specific additive package that will offer the very best outcomes for oil performance as well as fuel economic climate. However, other 0W-20 synthetic oils can be made use of as long as they are ILSAC certified, which is located on the oil container tag.

Is 0w 20 oil good?

Pennzoil’s technical data for its 0W-20 full-synthetic oil claims a 1.2 percent renovation in gas economy over 10W-30. Not everyone ought to go out and request 0W-20 oil at their next oil modification to boost fuel economy, nonetheless. An engine’s recommended oil is still the best wager for maintaining a warranty.

Why does Toyota use 0w20 oil?

That is because the oil’s viscosity will enlarge as it heats up. Thicker oil secures much better than thinner oil, as a whole, yet it can’t secure if it does not stream. Thinner oil flows easier yet doesn’t shield also. So the 0w is the chilly start viscosity.

Can 0w20 replace 5w20?

If the 0w20 is less expensive than the 5w20, absolutely go with the 0w20. 0w20 is only available in synthetic, and therefore numerous vehicles do not put it as their suggested oil. The 0w20 may offer you a slightly much better fuel economic situation in the winter.

Why is synthetic oil so expensive?

Why Artificial Oil Is Worth the Additional Cost. Artificial oil is more expensive than traditional oil however uses remarkable protection for your cars and truck’s engine. Artificial oil supplies a lot more efficient security for your cars and truck, may even extend the life of your engine as well as would certainly cost the ordinary vehicle driver just $65 even more every year.

What can I use instead of 0w 20?

If SAE 0W-20 artificial oil is not readily available, SAE 5W-20 standard oil might be made use of. Nevertheless, it needs to be changed with SAE 0W-20 synthetic oil at the following oil change.

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