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Are Wheel Locks Necessary?

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Cars can be expensive, can’t they? You quickly realize it isn’t just the expense of the vehicle you need to fork out for, but insurance, replacement tires, and the list go on.

Theft is another primary concern for vehicle owners. We pay our insurance, tax our vehicles, and ensure they are locked, but theft is not something we can always protect ourselves from. In recent years, wheel trim theft has become an issue across the country.

Are wheel locks necessary

Whether they are to be sold on or used by the thief, wheel rims can be taken from our cars before realizing! So what can we do about it?

That is where wheel locks come in to offer a solution! There is a lot of conversation about them but are they necessary purchases to make? They can provide added security and protection, but are they worth it? Well, today, we are going to answer that question!

Keep reading to find out once and for all: are wheel locks necessary?

What is a wheel lock?

Before we get into it, let’s have a quick recap for any novices in the room. Wheel locks are a device designed to prevent thieves from stealing your wheel rims. They install your car’s lug nuts in place and can only be removed with the specific key that comes with the wheel lock set.

The type of wheel lock you need will vary depending on the wheel style you have on your car. It is entirely your choice whether you want to replace your lug nuts with wheel locks. They are designed to provide an extra layer of protection and safety while your car is stationary.

The price of wheel locks ranges, but you can pick them up at an affordable price online or in a local hardware store. You can get quite stylish ones that will look fantastic with any custom wheel rims you have purchased.

Now that we have covered what a wheel lock is, let’s look at if wheel locks are necessary or not.

Are wheel locks necessary?

So, are wheel locks necessary? Well, yes, they can be! Wheel locks can deter thieves trying to steal your wheel rims, which can be costly to replace depending on your car and its tires. The sight of wheel locks is often enough to put thieves off attempting to steal your wheel trims.

They are also very difficult, if not impossible, to remove. When you install your wheel lock, there will be just enough room around it to fit the key in. there is no space for a prying tool to fit into, reducing the risk of thieves taking them!

Wheel locks are also a lot cheaper than having to fork out for replacement rims. The minimal cost is worth it to ensure you aren’t forking out your hard-earned money thanks to thieves! This deterrent is especially useful in parking lots.

Thieves will see your wheel locks and decide that your car is not worth the additional hassle, and look for a vehicle without wheel locks.

Perhaps not a necessary reason to install wheel locks, but the wheel locks are attractive and will not detract from the beauty of any custom rims you may have on your tires.

Factors to consider:

Not everyone is a fan of wheel locks, though, and it is worth considering why some people do not consider wheel locks as necessary.

Some people view wheel locks as an encouragement to thieves rather than a deterrent. It might suggest to a thief that your vehicle or its contents is worth a lot, and that is why you have gone to the trouble to place wheel locks on your tires.

In attempting to prise them off or gain access to your vehicle, they may end up causing more damage.

As we mentioned earlier, wheel locks are near impossible to remove, apart from the little key they come with. But what happens if you lose the key? It can be an additional cost when it comes to removing them.

The removal process is often lengthy and tricky, and the downside to wheel locks customers usually cite. If you are going to use wheel locks, make sure that you are leaving them on once they are on.

Often, wheel locks are difficult to remove when they have not been installed correctly. The wheel lock key needs to be fully seated on the lock; otherwise, you will round the key off.

This is what makes removing the lock difficult in the future. If you are ever concerned, you can always ask a mechanic to install the locks for you, but this will come at an additional cost.

Wheel locks can become loose over time, the same way your lug nuts will. Using a torque wrench to install them will ensure that they stay firm and in place. If you do not, you might notice some rattle over time when you are driving.

If your car is on lease, be sure to check the contract before installing wheel locks. Some lease companies or dealerships do not allow you to make changes to your vehicle. Generally, there is no issue with installing wheel locks, but it is always best to check!

Final word

While not everyone is a fan, wheel locks can be necessary additions to your car to ensure your wheel rims’ safety. They are considerably cheaper than the cost of new wheel rims and are an excellent theft deterrent.

If your car is parked in a private garage under security 24/7, then no wheel locks are probably not necessary for your vehicle.

However, if your vehicle spends any time parked away from you, it is worth considering the theft deterrent. It will also provide you with peace of mind while you do your errands or enjoy a family meal out.

It is worth considering whether you want the additional cost and additional time to decide whether wheel locks are necessary or not for you and your car.

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