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Where Is the Battery in a Prius? 

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Where is the battery in a Prius? is a broad question with many answers. The battery here can be the usual 12V battery or the hybrid battery. Also, Prius generations vary in terms of battery location and features. Therefore, to determine where your Prius battery is located, you have to consider your vehicle version. In this article, we help you find it’s location.

Where Is the Battery In a Prius – Where Do You Find It?   

Before we get to the location, this can be a savior question if answered early. The main reasons that might make you want to find your Prius battery location are:

  • Replacing worn-out batteries  
  • Repair 
  • Jump starting  

If jumpstarting is what you need, then there is no reason for digging to the location of the battery unless you own the generation one Prius. Generation two and above models have jump-starting terminals in the fuse box. However, for other reasons, we shall proceed to find the location.

What Are the Two Types of Batteries You Shall Find in a Prius?  

Prius being a hybrid vehicle, it is powered by battery power. It has a normal 12V battery and a hybrid battery which is what runs it. The 12V battery is used to start the vehicle and other purposes such as music, lights, and other systems. 

It is usually located in the trunk or hood as we shall see later. Like any other 12V car batteries, you shall have to replace this after 4-5 years of use. However, the hybrid batteries are overpriced at a price above $150.

The hybrid drive battery pack is what moves the vehicle. These batteries are long-lasting and shall wear out with your vehicle. 

However, you can find replacements that are very costly. With the latest industry advancements, you can replace pieces in the pack which can be much easier compared to a total replacement.

Where Is the Battery in a Prius?  

Before the generation 4 Prius, 12V engine batteries were located in the passenger or driver’s side trunk. However, in generation 4 Prius, things have normalized and you can easily locate your battery under the hood just like other vehicles. To break this down, let us find the exact location of each Prius model’s 12V battery.

Generation 1 sedan Prius  

These were first produced in 2001 to 2003. They were the first of their kind with the 12V battery location being under the trunk on the drivers side.

Generation 2 liftback Prius  

They were produced after the generation 1 Sedan as from 2004 to 2009. The 12V battery location in this model is in the passenger’s side trunk near the tail lamp.

Generation 3 liftback  

Generation 3 Prius were produced from 2010 to 2015. They maintained the 12V battery location as in the generation 2 models. That is, below the passenger side trunk.

The Prius C hatchback   

This model was produced from 2012 to 2018. The 12V battery location in these was under the passenger seat.

The Prius V 

The model was produced from 2012 to 2018. This one maintained the 12V battery location below the trunk in the passenger side trunk.

Generation 4 Prius

This is the model that normalized things. This hybrid vehicle has its 12V battery under the hood just like most fuel-powered vehicles.


The high voltage hybrid battery is located below the rear seats. In all models. 

Where Is the battery in a Prius? – How to Replace 12V Prius Battery

In most cases, your 12V Prius battery shall have worn out and you need a replacement. In this case, we included a simple guide on how to replace it. 


If you do not want your vehicle’s systems to shut down during repair, you shall have to fix a different battery to keep on the system. 


  • Remove the floor mat then the floor mat. Remove the cover on the battery location.
  • Now remove the plastic bin to expose the spare tire in the trunk. Check for the battery location either on the left or right side of your trunk.
  • Remove the duct used to cool your high voltage battery. This is because it shall be passing above your 12V battery preventing you from removing your battery. Unscrew it from the two points holding it, that is, one located near the center and the other on the side of your vehicle.
  • The brake controller shall also bar your way. Safely detach it for easier battery removal.   
  • Now, remove the bars that hold down your battery. Unbolt this bar to get access to the battery.
  • Unbolt the negative terminal from the vehicle’s body rather than the point of attachment to your battery. It shall be easier this way.
  • Pull out the vent tube in front of your battery and set it aside without detaching it from your vehicle.

You can now lift out your battery safely and detach the negative terminal. 

Replacing the battery 

Use your already acquired replacement battery to replace your removed one. To do this, follow the below steps.


  • Fix the negative terminal on your replacement battery the same as it was on the previous battery. 
  • Place back your battery into the slot. Ensure that the positive terminal faces forward. Bolt back the negative terminal to your car’s body as it was in the old battery.
  • Place and bolt the hold-down bar back on your battery. Replace the positive terminal and the vent tube in front of your battery.
  • Return and bolt the cooling vent for the hybrid battery like it was before. Replace your brake controller in its position.
  • Replace the covers, mat, and carpet to get everything back to normal. You just replaced your 12V Prius battery!

Where Is the Battery in a Prius? A Final Word

Finding the battery location in a Prius can be tricky. You do not want to fumble and mess up things in the long run. Follow this guide to find the exact location of your battery. Replacing your 12V Prius battery can be easily done by yourself as described above.

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