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Why Did Toyota Stop Making the Solara?

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This Toyota model was first introduced to the market in late 1998 as the annual model for 1999. The Camry Solara was created with the aim of achieving a sporty look. The Toyota Camry Solara was mechanically designed the Toyota Camry style to replace the halted Camry Coupe (xv10). This article focuses on the question ‘Why did Toyota stop making the Solara?’ 

It was more attractive and sportier than its predecessor with a more charming style and an improved engine tuning. In 2000, the Camry convertible was brought in to effectively fill in the gap left by the Toyota Celica convertible sports model. 

The manufacturing of the Camry Solara Coupe as well as the convertible model came to a halt until further notice. However, regardless of depreciation in terms of this model’s sales; you could still buy this hard-top convertible before it completely disappeared. 

According to the reviews and comments from a Toyota representative, Toyota will not be reviving the manufacture of the Camry Solara Convertible due to poor sales. Toyota affirmed Solara lovers that the sports car will be accessible and open to view in showrooms and Toyota headquarters before it is eliminated. 

Since this will be the last and final Camry Solara model, many people across the globe always showed up at the shops and showrooms to enjoy and experience its marvelous features and design. The Toyota Solara Convertible is amongst the latest convertibles to drop and it’s likely going to be missed by Toyota enthusiasts. So why did Toyota stop making the Solara? Let’s find out. 

1st Generation (1998-2003 XV) 

This convertible model was first created and introduced to the market in 1998 to achieve a sportfish look and satisfy Toyota’s sport-minded drivers who love sleek sports designs and styles in particular. 

Preceding the manufacturing of the famous Camry Solara model type, Toyota introduced the two-door Toyota Camry Convertible version referred to as the Camry Coupe. The Camry coupe came in as the 1994 annual model after its launch in 1993 as the forthcoming year’s model. 

This Toyota Coupe engaged in a thorough competition with the famous Honda Accord and other sports cars in its car class. However, the Toyota Camry Coupe was later dropped after the four-door Camry Sedan was redrafted in 1996 and brought back to the market. The Sedan of the Camry was introduced to be the Toyota model for 1997. 

The 1st Camry Solara generation did its sales in the 3rd quarter of the year 1998, acting as an effective replacement for the Toyota Camry Coupe. Its production was based on the Toyota Camry’s mechanical platform. 

The Solara was the first sports car in the Toyota line-up to come along with a premium stereo after their partnership agreement in 1997. Beyond having this premium option, all models in this level came with an inbuilt CD player and a cassette-deck as well. 

SE models came in handy with steel wheels upgradable to alloy wheels. Toyota took the extra step of modifying its steering wheel by leather-wrapping it and flexible leather seats. 

In 2000, the SLE and SE Toyota convertibles were introduced to the Toyota line-up as semi-finished models then later shipped to an ASC facility where they were modified and the convertible roofs installed and then taken back to Toyota for final painting and design. 

The 2001-2003 Minor Update 

The Toyota Camry Solara was improved in September (2001) as the model for 2002. It received changes to the taillight and headlight system whereby Toyota featured a four-bulb system rather than 2. 

A chrome logo was added to the steering wheel and the fog lights were made smaller. The vehicle’s trunk became automated so that you could open it with a trunk then. 

Toyota introduced new package offers and premium options such as temperature regulative leather seats and black-pearl badges. Its engine was improved and customized to offer more power and improve this sports car’s performance. 

The 2nd Generation (2003-2008 XV) 

This Toyota Camry Solara was ready to be cruised on the race tracks by August in 2003 after its design was approved in 2001. This model was a complete improvement and it was a perfect fit for the 2004 year model. It featured an eye-appealing twisted body that attained a sportier which was objectively a success as the successor. 

It came along with an additional feature of adding an XM radio to your car’s audio system as well as a navigational system. Solara’s second-generation model was manufactured at Toyota’s manufacturing HQ’s Kentucky. Production for the convertible began in February 2004 while the Coupe’s manufacturing process took off in 2003; a year earlier. 

Toyota alleged that the 2nd generation convertible had an adamant body structure to minimize noise levels and vibration. The big transition and improvement to the next generation introduced amazing features that have kept the Solara enthusiasts asking ‘Why did Toyota stop making the Solara’ up-to-date. 

As 2005 came close to its end, production for the 2006 year model was in its final stages. The Engine cylinder structure was improved and small changes made to the driver seat. In mid-2006, a redesigned Camry Solara (2007 model) hopped in with a restructured rear trunk, brand-new taillights, an advanced steering wheel, and an amazing audio system. 

However, the Toyota Camry Solara never achieved its sales expectations due to its jeered inheritance and handling from its parent Camry. Despite the sleek improvements and structural redesigning, people still booed this Toyota convertible for its poor and soft handling thus denying it the sporty feeling every racer is looking for in their truck. 

From 2005 to 2008 model years, Toyota Camry Solara’s sales fell drastically from around 50,000 units a year to 20,000 units. After achieving 0ver 20,000 units in 2008, the Camry coupe was discontinued due to its failure to achieve its sales objectives while the Toyota convertible kept on making sales and steadily proving that it was worth sticking around. 

Why Did Toyota Stop Making the Solara? – Conclusion

Why did Toyota stop making the Solara? Despite the high expectations and reviews that the convertible was going to make its sales beyond 2010, its production was brought to a halt in 2008 with the sales steadily declining as we approached 2009. 

It was eventually discontinued from the Toyota line-up due to failure to meet its sales operations for quite some time then.

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