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Have A Black Car? Here’s How You Should Take Care Of It

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Have A Black Car? Here’s How You Should Take Care Of It

There is something special about black color. It is a color of power and mystery. Whether it is about horses or cars, black is the symbol of sophistication. There is nothing that can go wrong with black. No wonder, even Android is going black these days.

If you have a black car, you must be in love with it, because it is impossible not to. Black cars are simply stunning and never go out of fashion. That’s why it is even more important to take care of a black car. With great power comes great responsibility!

It is important to take care of your car irrespective of its color. However, things are a little different for a black car. Because of its high contrast and reflectivity, even a minor scratch or a finger swipe stand out visibly on the car’s body. Furthermore, black cars tend to fade away quickly in color because of its higher heat (UV rays) absorbing quality.

Maintaining a black car is a challenge job. But that should not stop you from rolling with style. This article will help you to take care of your ride so that it will look as good as new for years to come. It’s worth the time and effort.

How To Take Care Of A Black Car?

Like other cars, the most common problems with a black car are scratches, swirl marks, bird droppings, road grimes, and such. These are easily noticeable on the black surface of your car. But you needn’t panic. There is a solution to every problem under the sun.

When In Doubt, Wash It Out!

It goes without saying that you should regularly wash your car to keep its exterior sparkling. But you have to be careful with how you wash your black car. An invisible layer of dirt, dust, and debris accumulate on the surface of the car over time. You may be tempted to just wipe it off with a cloth, which is not a good idea. This easy fix may result in micro scratches on the car’s body.

Therefore, we recommend a full-body wash to your black car. You may choose to wash the car yourself at home, or take it to a professional car washing service. If you are going to do it at home, consider a “Two-Bucket Wash System” a spotless cleaning of a black car.

Two-Bucket Wash System

The idea is simple: to prevent the contaminants from going back to the body. The key is to prevent even the slightest scratch on your car. In this system, two buckets are used: one for wash solution, and another just for water.

Prepare your car for washing by running the water all over it. Then start washing from the top of your car. Use a clean and soft microfiber cloth or mitt to apply the wash solution. Rinse it off in the plain water to free it from any dust or debris that could scratch the surface. Repeat this process for the whole body.

Don’t make the mistake of using a detergent to prepare the wash solution, as it causes damage to the paint surface of a black car. Always use a specialized pH neutral car wash solution that produces sufficient amount of foam and lubricant. It helps to minimize the friction while lifting the dust and debris efficiently from the surface.

Use a soft microfiber towel to dry your car. We recommend blotting method instead of wiping for a finishing touch. It will take a while, but the results are amazing. It is not a good idea to let the car dry by itself because it may leave stains afterwards.

Finally, it’s time to wax the car to enhance its shine while protecting the exterior from harsh UV rays. It is like applying sunscreen to your car. The result of waxing is most visible in a black car, that gives it a mirror-like shine. Due to the increasing popularity of black cars, manufacturers are now producing car wax, specifically for black shade.

Preventing Scratches and Swirls

Swirl marks occur as the paintwork on the car ages. But even the cars fresh out of showroom only a couple of weeks back are prone to developing swirl marks on the body. It is often caused by carelessness while cleaning the car. Black car owners are the main victims of this problem.

Most of these scratches and swirl marks are created due to haphazard washing techniques and use of wrong cleaning products. The objective of cleaning is to get rid of the dirt, not grind it. Therefore, invest in a good quality microfiber cloth to clean your car. Always get rid of the dirt particles stuck in the cloth before wiping on the surface. Most importantly, use running water to wipe of the dirt off the surface of a car before wiping.

You may think that using car covers is a smart idea, but it is not. In fact, the dirt gets dragged across the surface, further creating scratches on your car.

Be gentle with your car. Use a slow, top-to-bottom motion whether you are washing, drying or waxing a black car. Using a vigorous circular motions lead to swirl marks on the body.

Removing The Scratches

No matter how hard you try, your black car will eventually get some scratches. It’s inevitable. But you don’t need to freak out because most minor scratches on black cars are easily fixable at home with a simple scratch remover.

First, prepare the surface to be fixed by getting rid of any dirt or debris. Apply a small quantity of scratch remover solvent on a microfiber cloth and apply it gently over the scratched area. Voilà! The scratch magically disappears.

However, deep scratches can’t be fixed with a scratch remover. If that’s the case, take a trip to a body shop.

Removing Road Grime and Bird Droppings

Every car owners suffer from the problem of road grime and bird droppings. Unlike ordinary dirt, these contaminants contain chemical compounds like acids that dissolve the paintwork of a car. Trying to remove it directly can damage the body of your car.

The best way to get rid of such stubborn contaminants is to loosen them up before trying to wipe them. You can apply a cleaning agent to soften them and use a controlled friction to remove them without leaving any stain on the car.

For black car owners, we strongly suggest you to remove the droppings as soon as possible so that it won’t leave any stain behind.

Final Words

Taking care of a black car is like taking care of your baby. It may be challenging at first, but as you learn to take responsibility for it, you will enjoy the process.

Little precautions go a long way. If you want to ride like a boss, you have to treat your black car like a boss. It is not that difficult to take care of a black car. With the right set of cleaning tools and washing techniques, your black car will always look as if it is just out of the showroom.

Last but not least, nobody loves your car as much as you do. Therefore, the best way to take care of it is to do it yourself. It is your black beauty!

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