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Advanta Tire: Reviewed

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Are you looking for the perfect set of tires for your car? Do the different brands and terminologies confuse you? Want a brand that offers you good quality on a limited budget? Look no further than Advanta Tire.

This lesser-known tire brand, owned by American Pacific Industries, offers good quality tires at lower prices. They are an economical option compared to other American brands.

In this article, we will be offering Advanta tire reviews, discussing the many facets to consider while purchasing your tires and how this company delivers on each of them. Everything you need to know, from warranty policies to durability and performance, will be provided.

About Advanta Tire

With a wide portfolio of tires to boast, Advanta Tire has something for everyone. Their range of tires includes various lines for standard passenger car tires, commercial tires, premium high-performance tires, and semi and commercial truck tires.

It is a small company operating on a limited scale across the US. Advanta Tire shines in a competitive market, catering to a large bracket of consumers who are more interested in savings than quality. With one of the most secure warranty policies, you are offered a great deal of safety in your purchase.

Furthermore, their commitment towards producing their tires in an eco-friendly manner is highly commendable.

For further details regarding the specific aspects of these tires, keep reading.


Advanta falls into lower-end price brackets and offers a decent set of tires at an economical price. You can easily get an all-season tire for $60 from Advanta.

When compared to large more well-known brands such as Dunlop, there is a significant price drop between the two. For instance, Dunlop’s SP Sport 7000 A/S has a much heftier price tag compared to Advanta’s competing HPZ-01 tires. Selling at roughly $124, the price difference is quite substantial.

On its lower end, the ER-700 all-season tire can be purchased at a mere $70, whereas the Continental tire’s equivalent TrueContact tire starts at $90 apiece.


In the end, it all comes down to performance. In an increasingly competitive market, only those at the top of their game can capture the market.

While the main selling point of Advanta’s tires is their durability, the performance of these tires is satisfactory at best. Their snow tires, in particular, are not the best pick you can make. However, Advanta is most appealing to lower-income audiences who are not too particular about the quality and performance. For the competitive prices, they offer you a satisfactory quality.

Their catalog is not a diverse one compared to larger tire companies operating in the US. The ranges they do offer are mostly variations of their all-season tires and do not have any stark differences.

Durability and Longevity

The greatest feature of these tires is the durability they offer. Advanta’s 100% replacement warranty is a testament to their faith in the quality of their tires.

Despite this, their lower-end tires do not boast the same durability as their higher-end ranges. The longevity and quality of their all-season tires are only marginally better than other low-end American tire brands. However, for the price, Advanta’s tires offer decently durable tires compared to other competing brands in the same price bracket.

However, their high-end ranges are advertised based on longevity, a promise on which they deliver. They are a reliable pick with a solid replacement warranty in case you run into any issues in your initial use.


Technology is not one of Advanta’s strongest suits in an increasingly technologically evolving automobile industry.

Their tires are considered to be cheap and rugged but are not known for having a unique spread of features. Their research and development teams do not seem interested in adapting to market standards and producing any cutting-edge technologies. Advanta’s limited test resources are the reason they are unable to incorporate new technologies into their tire designs.

Their sales rely mostly on the quality and durability of their tires for a market that is looking for a value for money purchase. If you are looking for a high-quality upgrade of your tires with new and improved features, Advanta tires might not be your best pick.

Warranty Policy

The remarkable replacement warranty Advanta tires have to offer is reason alone to buy their products. Despite not offering an extraordinary mileage for their warranties, no more than forty to sixty thousand miles, what sets them apart is their 100% replacement policy.

With no unnecessary red tape, the conditions of replacement are simple. If any tire purchased fails within the specified mileage or period, it is replaced without question. Even if your tire wears out more than expected for the given mileage, you are guaranteed a replacement.

The conditions to avail of your warranty are straightforward and reasonable. Your tires must be inflated to the required PSI levels and be correctly installed as per their policy. There is an ample safety net for buying your tires from Advanta. For the highly competitive passenger car market, this policy is more than satisfactory.

If you are skeptical about purchasing your next set of tires from Advanta, their one-of-a-kind warranty policy will put your fears to rest.

Final Note

Before buying new tires for your car, it is important to assess your needs and priorities. Advanta Tires are a great budget option if you are looking for durable tires in a lower price range.

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