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Can I Bug Bomb My Car? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Are you thinking of using a bug bomb to get rid of pests in your car, but you’re unsure whether or not it’s safe? Let us help you avoid potential risks.

The last thing you want to deal with as a driver is bug infestation in your car. It can lead to electrical issues, ruin the carpets and seats, and potentially make you sick.

Your car is just like a house to them, and if you have quick food access in your car, then you can fall victim to bug infestation easily. In addition, your car also provides the bugs with the perfect shelter they need for breeding.

If you’re experiencing a bug problem then you might be thinking of bug bombing your car. But is it free of risks? Let’s see.

Can I Bug Bomb My Car?

The simple and one-word answer to this question is yes. However, you must use a bug bomb that’s specially designed for small spaces or cars. It’s also critical to follow the right course of action, which isn’t overwhelming, but it does take some time and effort.

Consider following the steps mentioned below when you can spare a few days. It’ll allow the pesticide to do its job properly.

Step 1: Clean Your Car

The first step is to clean up the trash, especially wrappers, food packages, and any other mess in your car. Clear out everything you can and empty your vehicle thoroughly. Don’t forget to remove the floor mats, seat covers, and child seats as well.

You’ll also need to vacuum your car to get rid of debris accumulated in the cracks around the seats and upholstery. This is where the insects spend most of their time finding food.

Step 2: Move Your Car Outside

It’s important to move your car outside to a well-ventilated place. Using a bug bomb in your garage is certainly not a good idea because it can potentially affect your health negatively.

After placing your car in the right spot, make sure that all the windows and doors are closed to keep the gas from escaping.

Step 3: Place The Bomb

This is the most important step of the entire process. Try your best to place the bomb right in the middle of the car and leave it for a few hours (5 to 8 ideally) to do its job. You can also use multiple bug bombs depending upon the intensity of pests.

In order to prevent the pesticide from escaping, you can also use a painter’s trap if possible. Use duct tape to secure the trap to achieve better results.

Step 4: Vacuum The Car Again

After 5 to 8 hours, open the doors of your car and allow it to air out for about 10 to 15 minutes. Grab your equipment and vacuum your car again by getting into all the corners and cracks.

Consider using a cleanser to get rid of pesticide residue by wiping all the inside surfaces. Don’t forget to cover your face while doing this.

Step 5: Repeat The Process

If your car has a very serious bug infestation and you’ve witnessed tough insects like roaches, then, unfortunately, you’ll need to repeat the entire process at least two times. However, you don’t need to do that right away.

Keep in mind that most bug bombs can’t destroy eggs. They hatch within several days. So, you can wait for about a week to observe the results of your first experiment.

You’ll also need to keep your car free from all types of food sources during this time. In addition, clean your car thoroughly each time you choose to bug bomb it, and leave it under the sun to let harmful chemicals evaporate.

How To Prevent Bug Infestation In A Car

You may have already heard that “prevention is better than cure.” The following tips will help you keep your car clean and prevent bug infestation.

Clean Your Car Regularly

You should take your car to a service station for cleaning purposes at least once a month. Not only will your car look great, but you’ll also be able to get rid of any trash that can lead to bug infestation.

Consider a service that offers ozone cleaners to eliminate bacteria buildup and bad smells. The absence of mold and bacteria means you’ll be carefree of pests.

Clean Up After Your Kids

If you have kids, then you’ll find a lot of spilled food and juice between your car’s seats. It makes your car smelly and sticky and works as a pest magnet.

Just one insect is enough to start a colony. So, make a habit of cleaning up after your kids every time you park your car in the garage.

Isolate Your Car From The Garage

Pests like areas that are not isolated, so they may move around freely without fear of being caught. Parking your car in a shed or garage is not a good idea because they are typically near your home. That’s why a parking space is important.

Take Care Of Spillage

Let’s face it, we all need to eat inside our cars every once in a while, especially when we’re in a hurry. Make sure that you don’t forget any food wrappers or trash, and vacuum your car after you’ve finished your meal.

If you don’t practice cleaning up after eating, insects will start getting inside because moisture and food are the two main things that attract most types of bugs.

Final Words

It should come as no surprise that your car is potentially a good place for insects to start a colony. If you suspect there’s an infestation in your car, then you must remove it using a bug bomb as soon as possible.

The infestation will get out of control if you wait, and it’ll also increase the chance of spreading the bugs from your car to your home. Consider following the steps mentioned in this article to achieve the best possible results. 


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