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Does Missing an Oil Change Void Warranty?

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If you are a car owner, chances are that you have some answered questions about your car’s warranty. The goal of this post is to answer one such question. Does missing an oil change void warranty? Read on to get a clear answer. 

It actually depends on service manager and service adviser. It also depends on the dealership to some extent. The type of the particular problem is also a factor. The manufacturer of the car may not honor the warranty if oil is not changed as frequently as dictated. In that case the manufacturer will find a valid reason for an excuse. 

If the problem is not related to oil changes, the manufacturers of the car will initially honor the warranty. If they refuse to honor it, you can contact the decision makers. Many people do not go to the dealers for getting their cars serviced. The get the cars serviced at other places. 

Warranty partially voided?

Not every case will completely void the warranty of your vehicle. The warranty may not cover repairs for specific parts. 

When your car is taken to the dealership for repairs, you must file a claim with the warranty provider. As your vehicle is serviced under warranty, the warranty provider will you pay for the work. 

If the manufacturer warranty doesn’t cover repair, the dealer will deny the claim. In that case you will have to pay for the repair. So, before you submit explain you must know whether the particular repair is covered by the warranty. 

Issues that void your entire warranty

Does missing an oil change void warranty? By now, you know the answer. Now we are going to discuss issues that void your warranty. 

Salvage title

Your entire warranty will be avoided if vehicle is declared a total loss or given a salvage title. If you have a certified pre owned car, purchasing a salvaged car is not a problem. A vehicle history report can help you learn about a car’s past. 

Misuse of the vehicle

There’s a possibility that you will interpret this term in broad ways. It often includes different types of competition and racing. It is important to understand this term.

The term can be interpreted as vehicle used in other ways than its normal, everyday use. If these infractions happen, your warranty can be entirely avoided. The warranty administrator will determine whether it is a form of misuse or not. He or she may deny your claim even is the abuse is not proved. 

Altered odometer

If you replace, tamper, or disconnect your car’s odometer, determining the exact mileage will not be possible. Your car’s warranty can be completely voided if your car’s odometer is somehow altered.  Without a vehicle history report, it is not possible to say for sure that the vehicle’s odometer has been tampered. 

Does missing an oil change void warranty?

The warranty can be voided if manufacturer does not have any proof of mandated maintenance. If your car has a major problem and you think that it should be covered under warranty, you can dig it a bit deeper.

As a proof, you have to submit necessary receipts. Failure to do so may lead to a denial of the warranty. You will have to spend a significant amount of money even if you go to the customer service and the zone offices involved.

To get the best out of the warranty, you should go to a dealer to have the oil changes. Do not be careless about it and make sure you have things you are supposed to have. When it comes to oil changes, there is no strong excuse. If your car needs oil changes, you will be alerted.

Rather than focusing on a mileage interval or time interval, you should focus on the usable life of your vehicle on oil. Percentage of usable life is given by some vehicles such as Honda. The type of driving is taken into account.

The consequences of not changing your oil

When the engine has high temperatures, oil will gradually break down. Because of this, after extensive use, metal parts do not receive necessary lubrication. An engine has moving joints. Due to the lack of lubrication, these joints start rubbing that leads to premature wear.

Oil can hold only a limited number or particulates. If oil is not changed, particles will begin to settle, which will lead to corrosion. When oil is not changed, sludge buildup is probably the scariest thing that can happen. Does missing an oil change void warranty? Yes, and there are good reasons for that.

When oil solidifies, sludge occurs. As a result, oil can no longer freely flow through the engine. It can lead to oil starvation to bearings, crankshafts, and camshafts. And this lack of lubrication can lead to major damages. Engine replacement may be necessary in some extreme cases. Replacing an engine is not only expensive but also time-consuming. So you should try to do whatever it takes to prevent this bad thing from happening in the first place.

Have you skipped an oil change?

The fact is, there is no surefire way to tell that a damage has been caused to your engine. If you are lucky, you will not notice anything abnormal with the engine. But most likely you will find some wear or sludge forming.

Probably you are still asking the question: Does missing an oil change void warranty? Probably you have already found the answer. To have a clearer understanding, keep reading. If you need a simple advice, our advice is: try not to miss an oil change. If you forget, that is understandable. But do not ignore the issue.

If you have missed an oil change, bring your car to a mechanic immediately. Explain to them what has happened, and they will inspect the engine. A vacuum test or a leak down test is something a local mechanic can administer. Do not hesitate to contact a mechanic, because it is a very serious issue.

If there are incoming problems, the mechanic will take necessary actions and do what it takes to make your engine fully functional. Prevention is better than cure. So it is good to prevent the problem from happening. Does missing an oil change void warranty? Yes, it may void the warranty. But still depends on multiple factors.

When should you change the oil? You can learn it from your owner’s manual. But it should also be noted that the recommended interval is just a guideline that is suitable only in the best circumstances. But the oil should be changed more frequently when you are driving in extreme temperatures, and on dirt roads.

In conclusion

Motor oil usually does not last very long. When the fluid breaks down, it does not provide the necessary protection and lubrication which your engine badly needs to function properly. So, make sure that the oil is changed regularly. Skipping an oil change is detrimental to your vehicle’s engine, and that is why it often voids warranty.

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