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How Long Can a Car Be Parked On a Residential Street

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Maybe you just came home to find a car parked in your residential street “space” or you’re planning to pack in such a street for a while. The big question you shall be asking yourself is, how long can a car be parked on a residential place? 

Then, what are the legal measures you can take if you’re a victim? In this article, we cover all that you should know about parking in a residential street.

How Long Can a Car Be Parked On a Residential Street

Generally speaking,  someone can park a car in a residential or any other street as long as they want. However, such a vehicle must be registered and roadworthy to ensure it is not abandoned. 

The only violation of a right is if the parked vehicle eats into or blocks your driveway. This also might have slight changes according to your state.

For New York, This Is How It Works

The New York traffic rules state that street storage of vehicles is prohibited for prolonged periods of time. Basically, if there is no other signage regulating parking, you may not park for longer than 7 days.

That said, you should note that it is against the rules to reserve a street parking space. The logic behind this is that you do not own such a space and therefore got no jurisdiction over it. 

So as long as you’re not blocking the driveway, you can park or have a vehicle parked in a residential street for up to seven days. Anything more than this is might land a car owner in trouble.

For the City of Victoria, Things Are a Little Bit Different

With victoria residents, the residential parking space is reserved for the residents, their visitors or contractors working on the property. 

For identification reasons, the residents have to file their vehicle’s registration number with the city of victoria parking services.

The length of time the residents can park is not limited. So, once registered as a resident, you are free to park as long as you want. 

In case you got someone violating this rule, the city of victoria parking services allows you to launch a complaint by calling to report the vehicle’s registration number. 

If the vehicle isn’t among the residential parking list, it shall be issued a ticket. If your car has been issued a ticket by mistake then you need to contact the authorities to lift.

California Vehicle Code Allows for 72 Hours

For California, section 80.73.2 of Los Angeles municipal code prohibits the parking or storage of vehicles in the city street, highway or alley for more than 72 hours. 

This applies to residential streets, therefore, if you have a vehicle parked in your residential street for more than 72 hours in California, consider launching a complaint. 

For a car owner, you should take care not to park your vehicle in a residential street for more than 72 hours, if you have a breakdown, consider getting a towing service to get your vehicle moved to either a garage or any other safe place.

What We Learn About the Length of Time You Should Park a Car In a Residential Street From the Above Examples 

From the few states above, you shall realize that a vehicle cannot be parked in a residential street for more than 72 hours to start with. However, it shall depend on your state’s jurisdiction and you should check with your authorities to confirm.

 It is also clear that residential parking streets can be reserved in places like victoria city. However, you do not own the street space outside your residential place. 

Therefore, you are not allowed to make any reservations or restrictions regarding this space.

Another fact is that you own full rights to your driveway. Therefore, there is no time allowance for someone in your driveway without your authority. If someone parks in your driveway, that shall be trespassing and you should report to your local parking authorities immediately. 

That said, you cannot retaliate by blocking this such a vehicle using your vehicle, by so doing you shall be violating the law.

So, How Should You Go About a Vehicle That Overstays In Your Residential Street

First of all, confirm for your authorities the legal length of time allowed, it most probably is 72 hours. Next, inspect that vehicle to identify any signs of a mechanical, trash inside, a stolen vehicle. If you discover any of these signs, notify the police or your local parking authorities. 

However, if the vehicle is in good condition, you can decide to allow for more time, at your will, to see if the owner might turn up. 

If the owner fails to turn up for a substantial amount of time, then you have to report to the authorities for help.

What If You Resort to Vandalizing the Offending Vehicle

At no circumstances should you damage a vehicle parked in your residential street? This shall be treated as a criminal act and can lead to prosecution. Just follow your local authority’s instructions on how to report such offending vehicles.

If you are a victim of such vandalism, it is against the law. The vandalized shall have committed an offense against you. You need to file a suit for your offenders. 

Final Word

There are a number of reasons that might make someone park a vehicle in your residential street. 

The most obvious one is a breakdown, for this, you can get a towing service company takes over. It is good that you take a step to know the reasons for such parking for your safety and that of the people you care about. 

You should also take appropriate legal action and don’t resort to vandalizing that vehicle, it is a violation of the law that shall get you into trouble. I hope the question of how long can a car be parked on a residential street is fully answered, make sure you stay safe, bye.

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