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How Long Do You Have to Get Insurance After Buying a Used Car

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After you’ve brought a used, there are a number of adjustments you need to make for a complete and safe transition. One of the prime questions shall be how long do you have to get insurance after buying a used car?

Within these processes, you might find yourself in confusion on how to handle some issues. Today, we sink into details to give you an answer below.

Is There Some Insurance Grace Period for a Used Car That You Just Bought?

First of all, you need to consider whether you got an existing insurance policy at the time of purchase. If so, take note of the terms of such a policy. 

This is because some policies extend to cover a new vehicle. 

However, this only applies to a case where you are replacing your newly bought used car with a previous one. If you had no previous car insurance, then you have to go for fresh insurance.

So, Exactly How Long Do You Have to Get Insurance After Buying a Used Car?

Insurance firms offer a grace period which varies from company to company. Within this period, you are allowed to update the details in your policy cover through their online services. 

You are given a chance to also update the terms you wish for your new vehicle. You can change the deductibles, coverage amounts and so forth.

This grace period is a great option for any busy vehicle owner, however, it might cause laxity. Given the importance of having your insurance policy, you need to move fast and change or update your vehicle’s insurance policy. 

It is against the law to drive without valid vehicle insurance, once you obtain a new vehicle, ensure you insure it soonest possible.

What If I Prefer a Different Company over My Previous Insurer?

Sometimes, you might be unsatisfied with the services of your current insurance policy provider and want to shift. It may be that they are expensive and you have identified a cheaper insurance policy provider. 

This leaves you at crossroads on what how to do it, especially when you have an active and serviced policy with your current company. This should not trouble you since it only needs shifting.

All you got to do is switch companies, but before this, you shall need to clear with the latter provider. You shall be able to ask for a refund of your balance which you shall then use on your new insurance policy provider.

What Does the Law Say About a Case When You Need to Get An Insurance Policy Cover?

Not until you are the legal owner should you buy automobile insurance. States do differ in the period during which you should go for an insurance cover for your vehicle. 

In some states, you need to buy an insurance coverage policy before you register your vehicles while in others you are required to do it after registration.

In case you already have a vehicle insurance policy for your previous vehicle, ensure that you contact your provider for further guidance. 

You might need to inquire whether your newly bought used vehicle might utilize this existing policy cover and the terms under which it shall do so. That said, you need to know that an existing cover can only work if you are replacing this vehicle with your previous one.

We previously mentioned that your company should have some stipulated grace period. This shall enable you to have enough time for switching the vehicles. 

However, you should take note that this grace period is usually short and won’t last forever, we, therefore, advise that you make the changes as soon as practicable for you.

What Do You Risk by Driving Around Without Valid Insurance?

The amount of the presented by you driving a car without a valid insurance policy cover shall depend on the circumstances. 

If for instance, you are purchasing a vehicle from a dealer, you shall not be at risk at all during the test drives. 

This is because the car dealer’s insurance covers all the test drives of their clients.  However, you should not depend on this kind of insurance since it lasts for the test period after which you shall have to get your own.

For a case where you are buying a used vehicle from an individual, your test drives shall not be covered. In case you plan to utilize your already existing cover, then consider reaching out to your insurance policy service provider to notify them of such a change. 

It is advisable that they be aware in case of anything. Also, note that the grace period most policy providers give lasts for a few days, therefore, do not risk driving under such an amnesty for a too long time.

If you do not have any existing insurance policy cover, there is no grace period for you. What we advise in such a case is that you go for a cover as soon as possible. Actually, you should not drive your used vehicle before getting an insurance policy. 

This is because, in case you are involved in an accident, you shall have to mandatorily pay very high bills arising from the accident damages. It literally means covering yourself, you can imagine the burden you shall have to carry.


A vehicle insurance policy is very important and should not miss out whenever you are driving. If you are using a dealer, then all your test drives are catered for. 

In the case of an individual seller, you might need to use your existing policy’s grace period when driving. Ensure that you take a quick step to have a working insurance policy if you completely got none. 

For the case of an update, take advantage of the grace period days to update or switch your policy to avoid inconveniences. Now we got an answerer to how long do you have to get insurance after buying a used car. 

Keep safety first as you drive, bye.

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