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How Long Do Tires Last In Storage?

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How Long Do Tires Last In Storage

Being a car owner requires a lot of responsibility and sometimes a lot of money. You have to learn the inside and outside of your car. This will help to preserve the lifespan and make it last for years. A poorly owned car will not only be expensive, but it may also break down sooner than you were hoping for. There are essential pieces to the vehicle that you should learn about. For example, you should learn what the battery does, what the engine controls, and on the outside of your car, you should learn about your tires.

You may have extra pairs of car tires in storage, but how long do they last in storage? If in the right conditions, they can last up to six years.

Not all facilities are meant to have tired in their storage, and some characteristics of a storage unit may affect the lifespan of tires. It’s essential to make sure they are still in good use before putting them in your car.

Why would you need to keep tires in storage

There are many reasons someone would need to keep tires in a storage unit, for example, it is essential to have spares in case of emergencies. All cars come with something called a donut, and it is usually in the storage part of your vehicle when you buy it. The donut is a quick fix for short uses until you can replace it with a new tire, so having spares in storage could be beneficial for emergencies.

Another reason to have spares in storage are for seasonal uses. Not all tires are made for the same thing, and not all can be used at once. If you use a winter set of tires, you will want to change them out in the spring. If they are still in useable shape, it is entirely reasonable to change and keep them to reuse the next winter.

What is the best environment for tires

The best place to store tires while you are not using them is a dry and cool place. If it is too hot, it could deflate them, making them dangerous or unusable. If you do not own a storage unit, a dry basement will also do, if it is in good shape.

An outdoor shed is one place you should never store your unused tires. The weather could affect your tires negatively. It is best to keep them inside where they can be preserved for later use.

Tires for different seasons

There are mainly three types of tired to choose from. You can choose tires based on location and how much you want to pay. The three main categories for tires are summer, winter, and all-season. Depending on where you live, you may only require all-season.

Summer tires work best in warm weather, but if you keep them on when the temperature is too cold, they may get ruined. When it becomes too severe, the rubber hardens, and it loses traction on the road. The cold can also cause chipping, which then may lead to a flat tire. These are specifically for the hot weather and can only be used during the warm months of where you live.

Winter tires are made to run flawlessly in the cold. Anything below 45 degrees is good for these tires and precisely what their rubber is made for. They have a deep tread that allows drivers to move and navigate through the snow. Summer tired do not have this type of tread, so can’t work through slush as well as these tires. Winter tires allow you to keep traction even through the thick slush. Though you can use these during other seasons, it is best to keep them in storage to preserve them until winter.

All-Season tires come with new cars that you receive from the dealership. You will have to buy the other tires when the season arrives. They work well in wet or dry conditions and can handle most surfaces. However, they are not meant for any extreme conditions. If you live in a place that gets extremely cold or extremely hot, it is best to switch to either summer or winter tires.

For any of these tires, the best option to choose is what budget you have set and if your storage space can hold multiple pairs of tires. It also depends on if you need to take the tires to your mechanic or if you plan on doing them yourself.

When to replace tires

When your tires need to be replaced, they can actually be unsafe to drive with. If your tires are shallow, they could easily pop, and this could cause an accident. If they are low and flat, they may need air in them. However, if you do not fill them with air, this could also cause a flat tire.

There are a few tricks you can do to tell when you need to change your tires. If you have a penny lying around, you can stick it in the tire, so Lincoln is facing upward. If you can see his head, it means your tires are far too shallow and need to be replaced.

Also, knowing the age of your tires may help you decide when to change your tires. If the tread isn’t inadequate, manufacturers usually say that you should change your tires every ten years. Most companies will tell you the age of everything as you buy it, but only if you ask.

How to change tires

Depending on how much time you have, a tire shop may be the best answer for you. There are certain places you can go drop in your car and for a price get them changed in a day. If you do it at home, you will need a lot of time, expensive equipment and have to be able to lift heavy objects. Usually, it is cheaper and faster to go to a company that specializes in changing tires.


Cars can be expensive, but if you properly take care of them, they can last a very long time and be a good investment. Being able to get around safely should be one of the most important things that you focus on. Part of that is having the right tires and keeping them in storage correctly.

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