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How to Get My Car Towed for Free?

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How to Get My Car Towed for Free

When you look to buy a car, you have to think of all of the other fees that come with owning it. You will have to look for insurance, how much gas will be, and if the car ever breaks down, you will have to figure out how to tow it. There are a few ways you can get your vehicle towed for free, but you have to know the ways before calling any tow company for help.

When a car breaks down, it could be pricey to fix, so finding a cheaper way to get your car to the mechanic can be a crucial step in saving a lot of money. If you buy a new car from a dealership, it may come with a warranty that covers car towing for free. However, if you have an older car without a warranty, you will have to find other ways to get your car towed.

Ways to get your car towed

Free roadside assistance or towing can be a huge bonus when owning a car here are a few of the best ways to get free help:

  • Auto clubs– This may not be free; you will have to pay a monthly fee. However, if your car breaks down, you can call the club, and someone will come out to help you.
  • Banks– Certain banks in your area may have a way for you to open a bank account and add on roadside assistance for a small fee every month. For instance, Bank of America offers this program, and many people take advantage. Although, you will need to read the fine print to understand how many miles your car can be towed.
  • Phone plans– A few significant carriers provide roadside assistance now, and it can be super convenient and easy to sign up for.
  • Insurance- Certain insurances will cover roadside towing, and you can pay it every month paired with your insurance.

There are many ways to get help for cheap or for free rather than paying for towing outright in cash. When you have a plan for cheap, it could save hundreds of dollars a year. If you have an older car, it may benefit you to get on a plan.

How do you choose an auto plan?

If you are a new car owner, picking insurance or auto clubs can be a hard decision. You need to look at what type of car you have and decide which plan is meant for you. If you partner with insurance, there could be a minimum amount of times you can get towed and limited miles. If your car is older, it may be best to go with a plan that allows you to have unlimited tows. Depending on how far you drive each day and where your mechanic is, it will depend on the plan you choose. You will have to calculate and guess how many towing miles you need

When buying a car, you will want to think about your budget. After getting your car and picking a plan or club, you will want to learn about auto plans and if there are any signup fees, and how much they are every month. Depending on what you need and what your car needs, an auto plan can be more or less expensive.

Another important note is to find a plan that covers you, as well. Most insurance company offers this, but if an auto club does as well, it could be a deciding factor for you.

Major Auto Clubs

  • AAA– This is the most popular club that consumers think of when they hear the word auto club. This club has different plans to choose from, and they each have their own price. If you are looking for a basic plan, it is suitable for short-distance towing and roadside assistance. It is budget-friendly and great for anyone who doesn’t drive much but may have an older car.
  • Better World Club– This club is another huge name in the game when it comes to auto clubs. There are basic memberships and premium memberships to choose form. If you own a very expensive car that needs a lot of gas, you may end up paying more than what you’d expect. It is crucial to identify what you need and look at what kind of car you have before choosing this plan.
  • Allstate Motor Club– Another high-ranking club allows you to have 24-hour assistance for a budget-friendly price. They will also help you tow your car anywhere you need to go, no matter the distance, however, you will have to select a plan for it. Certain cars could be more money; it is essential to read the fine print.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best auto club or insurance can be intimidating. It is so important to look at every option. The top things you need to look for is if you the driver are covered, the miles a company is willing to tow and if they offer other roadside features. You could have a battery that needs to be charged for a few minutes but not get your car towed, will a company offer this help?

With our world being so advanced, there are now many options and plans to choose from. All of which will help you out in a sticky situation. However, specific plans could be better for your lifestyle. If you travel all over the country, you will want to find a plan that is offered in most states. If you are a homebody, it could only be necessary to find a local auto club.

Research is required, and self-reflection is too. Set a budget, figure out precisely what you need, and then look for the best plan. Different plans will cover different people, but with so many companies willing to help, there is no doubt you will find the best plan for you to get free towing.

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