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How long does it take to build a Toyota?

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I believe life is the most precious gift on Earth. More important than that, giving life to something or someone and seeing that life exist and make others happy is a joy like no other. It makes you feel like you are on top of the world. For an artist, it may be their art coming to life and being admired by people. For writers, it may be their book finally completed and being read and loved by people. For manufacturers and engineers, it may be the machine that they have been slugging over for days and maybe even months. Seeing it come to life, running smoothly and being a part of somebody’s family is like a cherry on a cake.

Vehicles and the importance they hold in a person’s life

President Jacob Zuma launches Toyota manufacturing plant in Durban, 24 May 2016Cars have been responsible for so much in the owner’s life. Cars truly are machines that become a part of one’s life. We spend so much time dreaming about the type of car we want. We obsess over the model, the color, the tires and everything else. We cannot stop obsessing over it. And when our car finally arrives, we spend all our time fawning over it and taking particular care to drive it so that there are no new scratches on it. Further, we do not let anyone else drive it. We drive the car all around the town. It is like cars are our babies.

But have you ever wondered that as you obsess over your car and/ or your dream car, how long does it take to actually build one?

Toyota has made cars that have been liked by everyone, whether you are an adult just going to college or if are looking for a Toyota that fits your family or are looking for a car that is your partner on your adventures. Toyota makes cars that are a perfect addition to your family. But the question arises how long does it take them to build a Toyota? Well, look no further! And read below to find out the time, hard work and skill it takes to build a Toyota.

Introduction to the development and production process of a Toyota

The development and production process of a Toyota are carefully planned and thought about. After the plan is devised, the factories try to align its actual workings as close to it as possible. But due to problems like delay in supply of parts, drop in demand for a car, fault in the manufactured car, failure in the inspection, pandemics, etc. the production and development process can come to a halt.

Producing a Toyota: The time it takes and the processes involved

Toyota production is a lengthy process and requires constant supervision. It includes a variety of processes. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Stamping
  2. Welding
  3. Painting
  4. Assembling
  5. Inspections, etc.

After the completion of all these processes, a Toyota, well, to be more precise, somebody’s dream car or truck is built.

Factors that influence the rate of production and development of a Toyota

As per factory workers, it takes about 17 to 18 hours to manufacture a Toyota but the rate of production depends on a number of other factors. Some of them are as follows:

  1. There may be a missing part or the raw materials may be missing.
  2. There might be a delay in the supply of raw materials and/or parts from the suppliers’ end, which can delay the production of a Toyota.
  3. The painting and polishing of the Toyota depending on your choices and needs may make time.
  4. There may be customizations specified by you that may take time depending on how quickly they can make it available. Toyota makes sure to furnish a vehicle that is suited to your tastes and wants. This means that each Toyota is unique and will take time which will depend on the customizations and the parts that are to be added.
  5. The number of cars produced also depends on the total aggregate of cars manufactured by the factory in a day.
  6. The time it takes to build a Toyota may also be influenced by the efficiency of the Toyota plant. Depending on the efficiency, it may take 17 to 31 hours to manufacture a car.
  7. It may also depend on the market demand of the Toyota that you need.

What is a Toyota made of and how does that factor into the time it takes to make?

Further, a single car is made of numerous parts, near about 30,000 parts. This includes the smallest of the screws and the largest of the accessories, seats, steering wheels, headlight, etc. Some of these parts are manufactured at Toyota but some of them are procured from a supplier. Making all these parts require research which takes time. All of these 30,000 parts have to be made separately which takes time. Further, they might even have to pass certain tests which might take a day in itself.

On average, it may take 21.6 hours to make a Toyota. Compared to other brands, Toyota takes a higher time. But that should not be a reason for concern. Because lesser time could also mean the car could break apart easily.

All in all, Toyota manufactures near about tens and thousands of cars every day. The numbers may vary depending on the individual factory and the factors illustrated above. But in general, it takes 17 to 18 hours to build and fully manufacture a car. Added to this is the time required for painting and polishing the Toyota and the inspection of the car for safety precautions.

A Toyota will surely, brighten up your life. It is the perfect car for anyone, be it, if you are solo, or if you want it for you and your partner, or if you want it for your family. Everyone in the family will love the Toyota be it human or a pet.

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