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How Much Does a 90000 Mile Service Cost

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The cost of a 90,000-mile service on your vehicle depends on a number of factors, but on average, you’re looking at something to the tune of $235 to $342 and labor costs between $167 and $211.

Just like us, vehicles need a little TLC as they age. Granted, you should always treat your vehicle with respect, develop a stringent maintenance schedule, and do your best to keep it in top form, but there are certain milestones in its lifespan that require extra attention.

These special times in its life are the 30K, 60K, and 90K mileage marks, or – if you feel a very strong connection with your car – your pearl, diamond, and emerald anniversaries.

Even if you go the extra mile to ensure your car is fighting fit at all times, you should still seek professional help when you and your pride and joy reach these significant junctures.

How Much Does a 90000 Mile Service Cost

Known as factory scheduled maintenance, a professional once over every 30K miles is essential if you want your vehicle to function as it should, especially for another 30K miles. But factory scheduled maintenance isn’t just a way of caring for your vehicle; it’s also a form of self-care.

In this day and age, there’s simply no need to put up with malfunctioning machinery. Why grit your teeth and bear with irritating bumps and squeaks every time you make the commute to work? Why just make-do with a gearbox that slips out of reverse?

These little annoyances might seem like just that to begin with – small and benign; however, not only are they a sure way to trigger a steady descent into madness, we’d argue that there are no truly benign vehicular issues.

The truth is that a faulty car isn’t only going to degrade quicker than a healthy one, it exponentially increases the dangers of driving for both you and other road users.

So, in a 90,000-mile service, what actually gets, well…serviced? The standard procedure for a 90,000-mile service should include the following…

  • An Oil Change – This ensures your engine is well-lubricated and working efficiently.
  • Timing Belt Replacement – This protects a range of Engine components such as the valves, cylinder head, and camshaft, and can protect it from total failure.
  • Replace Hoses – A broken hose can lead to the leaking of coolant, which inevitably ends with your engine running hotter than it should, critically reducing its lifespan.
  • Battery Service – Pretty self-explanatory, really. You need to know how your battery is holding up and if any function is putting excess strain on it.
  • Brake Pads Check – Not only can old brake pads make slowing down a bumpy ride, they’re a massive hazard.
  • Tire Rotation – Tire rotation improves traction, handling, and helps to even out tire wear.
  • Replace or Just Turn Rotors – Smooths out your brakes a treat!
  • Replace Spark Plugs – Old or faulty spark plugs can strain your catalytic converter.
  • Clean and Replenish Fluid System – Debris in your fluid system can lead to catastrophic failure.

Costs will vary depending on what kind of garage you book your vehicle into for servicing, but we strongly advise not to cheap out on 90,000-mile maintenance. Take your car to a specialist garage. They’ll provide a service tailored to your vehicle, ensuring no aspect of disrepair goes unattended.

They’ll also be able to give you better advice on your own maintenance strategies, so paying a little more is definitely worth it. Vehicle type is another core pricing variable as specialist machines such as hybrid cars require specialist knowledge.

Of course, the number of parts that need to be replaced can also bump up the total cost of the 90,000-mile service, but a decent mechanic will only replace parts if it’s absolutely necessary, and they should always keep you updated on what’s being done to your vehicle.

Beyond ensuring personal safety and the wellbeing of those around you, there really doesn’t need to be any other reasons to book a 90,000-mile service; however, there’s something else you may not have thought of. This doesn’t apply to all vehicles, but for some, failing to book a 30,60, or 90K service can void your warranty.

That’s not to say that you absolutely must book in your 90K service with the dealership you purchased your car from. They may try and encourage that, but don’t worry about it; they’re just trying to maximize profit. As long as the 90K service gets done, taking your car elsewhere won’t void your warranty.

How you go about selecting the garage for the 90,000-mile service is up to you. If you have a go-to organization that you know to be thorough and fair, you may as well stick with them.

Failing that, there’s no harm in shopping around. We recommend you check out plenty of customer reviews online, talk to friends and family about their experience with certain garages and mechanics, and don’t be afraid to ask for some free quotes to help with the decision-making process.

In summation, the 90,000-mile service will likely cost upward of $400 for labor and parts, but be prepared to spend a lot more, just in case. To make sure you’re good and ready to pay out for this service, keep a close eye on your odometer. As soon as it’s nearing the 90,000-mile zone, start saving.

Whatever you do, DO NOT try and skip this important maintenance milestone. Even if you got away with not booking your car in for the 30 and 60K services, the 90K service is critical to vehicular longevity, as well as your own and other’s health and safety.

90K miles is the interval at which parts are known to reach a state of decay so severe, they’ll likely be on the verge of failure.

This kind of maintenance is known as condition-based maintenance or CBM, and it’s the best way to breathe some life into that old motor of yours. It may be a little long in the tooth, but there’s no reason you can’t get another 30 to 60K miles on the road together!

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