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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Remote Car Starter?

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A remote car starter can certainly make your car more convenient. On a cold winter morning, you can use this device to heat your car without opening your car door. There are many other good reasons to install this device. But how much does it cost to install a remote car starter? Read this post to get a reliable answer to this question. In fact, here you will learn almost everything you need to know about a remote car starter. 

What is a remote car starter?

Basically, a remote car starter is a wireless device used to start a car’s engine. You can use this device to start your car from a distance. This device may look like a key fob or something like that, and may come with other functions.

Remote car starters vary wildly in terms of strength. There are some models of remote car starters that are used for other purposes such as turning up the heat, warming up the seats, and locking and unlocking doors. However, a basic remote car starter may not have these features.

How does it work?

A remote car starter uses radio frequency to control a car at a distance. When you install a remote car starter, your car also has a mechanism that responds to the device. This mechanism is usually attached to your car’s ignition switch.

And when the ignition switch on your remote device is pressed, the box receives a signal and it causes the engine to start. Each model has a unique radio signal. This is why you do not need to worry about accidentally controlling other vehicles.

How much does it actually cost?

Before you order a remote car starter, you should have a pretty good idea of how much it is going to cost. A good remote car starter may cost between $50 and $200.  The price depends on a couple of important factors.

How much does it cost to install a remote car starter? Let’s try to understand the reality. When you get a quote, the cost of installation is not included in it. In some cases, the process of installation may cost more than $100. So, if you are thinking of getting a remote car starter, take the installation cost into consideration. Include it in your budget. 

The price also depends on how many extra features the remote car starter has. The price is likely to get higher if there are more features. If you think you do not need additional features, choose a basic car starter. Buying a remote car starter with basic features is a good way to save money.

Find a verified retailer

Finding an authorized retailer is of utmost importance, because this is the only way to know for sure that you are getting what you are paying for. Thus you will be able to avoid the risk of purchasing a knockoff or a gray market item. The vendors authorize some retailers to sell their products.

Apart from that, you will not have to worry about the quality of the product. You will get it in a brand new condition. If you purchase it from an authorized retailer, the manufacturer will offer you the best warranties. This is another strong reason to purchase a remote car starter from a verified retailer.

When it comes to installation, you can rely on authorized retailers, because they thoroughly understand the procedure. Purchasing a verified remote car starter is a pretty straightforward process. It also gives you some mental satisfaction, because you know that you are purchasing the product from the right person.


It is important to get the help of a professional mechanic to install this device. Do not try to do it by yourself if you do not have any idea about the functionality of this device. In some remote car starters, you will even find instructions on the process of installation. But for the best results, getting a professional is important. Let’s see exactly why you should get a professional.

The process of installation may be complicated if you have an older model of car. This is not so complicated when you are installing this device on a newer model of car. When installing this device, it is important to bypass theft deterrents and alarms on your car. You may not be able to do that if you are not an experienced technician. 

Apart from that, the process of installation also depends on whether the car is European make or hybrid. For all these reasons, you should go to a technician to get the job done.

Bypass modules 

A remote car starter does not work if your car does not have a device known as a bypass module. Before you install a remote car starter, it is important to get a bypass module. How much does it cost to install a remote car starter? If you are still asking this question, you should know the fact that the cost depends on the price of the bypass module.

There are some anti-theft modules that require physical keys. The main function of a bypass module is to trick the system to recognize the presence of a physical key. When the button is pressed, the engine thinks that the ignition has an actual key.

Most cars require a bypass module. Ask your mechanic to explicitly state the cost of installing a bypass module. And for that service, be prepared to pay up to $150. However, there are many technicians who include the cost of installing a bypass module, making it easier for you to deal with the cost.

Other things to consider

If you purchase a relatively low-quality product, chances are that you will be provided with some instructions about the process of installation. But if you do not have enough knowledge about the mechanism, it is not a good idea to make an attempt to install it yourself. As we have mentioned earlier, you should find a professional mechanic.

Money-back guarantee will not be applicable if you end up damaging the product while trying to install it. Apart from that, your car’s electrical system will suffer costly damages. If the cost is an issue for you, probably you are still asking: how much does it cost to install a remote car starter? The answer is: there is no fixed cost for installation. It depends on who is doing the job. One retailer may charge less than another retailer. 

You will be able to save some money in the short term by buying an off-brand product. But if you make this decision, you will have to deal with multiple issues down the road. That is why investing in a high-quality remote car starter is a good decision. If you are not familiar with the brands, just visit a shop that sells high-quality products.


How much does it cost to install a remote car starter? Now you know that the cost is determined by several factors. You will have to add the installation cost to the product cost. Now that you know what factors determine the cost, we hope you will make an informed decision.

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