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How Much Is A Brake Job?

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The average cost of a total brake repair inclusive of the pad, rotor, and caliper change is between three hundred and eight hundred dollars. But when you consider the brand and model of your car the price can either increase or reduce.

A brake job is one of the major and very important repair processes you will have to attend to in the use of your car.  Malfunctioning brakes puts your life in jeopardy and that of other road users. With this at the back of your mind, you need to draw up a financial plan ahead of time. You will need to make findings on the cost of brakes and how frequently you be making such expenses.   Now, let’s take a look at how often brakes jobs should be done:

The frequency you are required to plan for a brake job is dependent on several elements:

  • Circumstances in which you drive your car
  • Frequency with which you drive your car
  • Maintenance culture of your car’s brake system
  • Class of the parts you furnish your car with

The aforementioned quality ratings can guide you based on recommendations of technicians and auto companies as follows:

  • Standard brake pads should have a longevity rating of thirty thousand to seventy thousand mileage though sometimes a few might need renewal at an interval of twenty-five thousand miles. There is also a category that can do over seventy thousand mileage.
  • The costly parts of the brake system are the brake rotors and calipers, due to their complexity last far longer than brake pads. How often you should change any of these parts is dependent on a few elements too.

General factors that cause the wearing out of brake parts are:

Brake System Accessories: Rotors, brake pads, and calipers are made from varied materials, and this determines their longevity. For instance standard metal brakes are nothing compared to carbon-ceramic brakes.  The durability of the carbon-ceramic brakes makes them to be costlier.

Customary Driving:  Heavy-footed drivers wear out the brakes of their cars often and easily. However, light-footed drivers will enjoy brake longevity as opposed to their heavy-footed counterparts.

Surroundings:  Congested traffic build-up in towns and cities also contribute to reducing the longevity of a car’s brake system. Frequent driving in hilly areas also shortens the longevity of the driver’s frequent use of the brakes to steer the car downhill.

With the knowledge acquired on the frequency rate for change of brakes, the next question will border on the cost of brake replacement.  What will be the range of expenditure? Will this particular aspect of vehicle maintenance eat into your monthly or annual budget?

 Brakes Costing

Per adventure you want to DIY the brake system repair of yourself. It will save you a whole lot of cost but not all are technically savvy and the luxury of time is not readily available for all either. However, if you opt for the services of a repair shop, get the best transaction offer, make findings, and get quotations from various technicians.

 In your search for a skilled technician to do an appropriate brake job on your car, you might come across some that you will be asked:

What Is Your Car Brand?

It is common knowledge that parts for cars made in Europe such as Opel, Audi, Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes, and BMW will be more expensive than parts for cars made in Japan.  Also, because cars made in Europe vary in structure, meaning the technician might need to apply his wealth of knowledge and expertise on the brake job of your car which translates into higher costing.

What Is The Model And Make Of Your Car?

A skilled technician will ask about the model and make of your car. The driver of a BMW Z4 will of pay far more for new brakes than someone who drives a Volkswagen Passat All track. The structure of the cars in terms of weight and size determine the class of brake system needed and also the length of time it will take to get the brake job done.

What Quality Of Parts Do You Want To Be Used For Your Car? There are varying classes of brake pads; there is the organic, ceramic, and semimetallic; they each have different capacity ratings and of course varying costing too!

What Is Your Driving Style? This is a question for those that enjoy extreme driving; it is not for regular drivers. This is so because if you are a driver that enjoys extremities you will sure need a brake system that will be able to withstand such pressures and it will cost more.

What Does A Brake Replacement Cost?

There is no perfect answer to this question. Technicians have different charge ratings and producers have individual price tags for their braking system parts.   However, here are average service rates:

  • Renewal of brake pad only for four wheels = $35 and $150

Labor charge per axle = $80 and $120

  • Rotor replacement along with brake pads is very important for the maximum output of the braking system-the fitting of new pads on old rotors is not a good combination. It’s like pouring new wine in an old wineskin. It has grave consequences like an insecure brake function system and vibration.
  • Cost of Rotor = $30 – $75

Higher-quality rotors are usually more expensive.

  • Cost of Labor to replace rotors and pads= $150 to $200 per axle.

The replacement of the Caliper is the most tasking part of the braking system hence, also very expensive.

  • Cost of one Caliper= $130.
  • Cost of total brake repair: (one that comprises of pad, rotor, and caliper replacement)= $300 – $800.

Take note, that the costing is dependent on the model and make of your car. Meaning a total brake job could cost you $1,000 or more.

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