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How to Keep Windshield From Icing Up

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How to Keep Windshield From Icing Up

Waking up to iced over windows when you have to get to work in the morning or run errands can be a massive hassle. If you live in an area with tough winters, you are likely already equipped with the standard tools and brushes to combat the ice once it sets – but there are some things that you can do to keep your windows from icing up in the first place! If you were to google “how to keep windshield from icing up” you’d likely find a bunch of results. We’ve compiled some of the best ones for you here!

Cover up your windshield!

Covering up your windshield is one of the simplest steps that you can take when it comes to preventing ice build up in the winter. If you go to your local auto dealer or car shop, you’re likely to find that they carry a large selection of windshield covers specifically designed for winter use.

If not, you can find a ton of options online! If you order online just be sure to read the reviews.  In order to be sure that you are getting the most out of your windshield cover make sure that you are holding it in place by tucking it underneath your windshield wipers! If investing in a windshield cover isn’t an option, making a DIY version at home is fairly simple.

  • Any material that is pliable, and easily cut into the shape that you need to match your windshield should do the trick!
  • Some of the most effective materials for keeping ice from forming are rubber and cardboard.
  • Once you have selected your material, cut it into the shape that you need to effectively cover the glass on your windshield.
  • Apply the cut material just as you would with a windshield cover you purchased at the store!

Give a vinegar spray a try

In addition to covering up your windshield you can also try making a spray out of vinegar. It sounds strange, but many people have used this method for years with a lot of success. It’s very simple to make and it’s sure to make your winter driving routine less tiresome.

  • Find a spray bottle to hold the mixture of vinegar and water
  • Fill the bottle with mostly vinegar and top off the rest of the bottle with the water
  • Max sure to shake the mixture very well before using
  • Spray the mixture on your vehicle’s windshield in the evening before you go inside

If you follow the steps above, you should notice that there is no longer any ice built up to deal with on your windshield in the morning. You should repeat the steps above each night for repeated relief. Also, be sure to cover the area underneath your windshield wipers.

In the event that you do not have vinegar on hand you can also make a solution of salt water and spray that on your vehicle. The reason that both of these options will work so well is due to the fact that they freeze at a lower temperate than water.

Try changing directions

If you’re living in a large city with limited places to park this one may be a little difficult, but if you’re able to it could save you a lot of hassle in the morning! Try to drive around until you can find a place to park your car facing east. Doing this will allow the heat of the morning sun to warm up your windshield and melt your ice for you. Working with nature rather than against it is both simple and effective! This is probably the most hassle-free way to go, especially if you have a driveway the freedom to park freely in whichever direction you choose to.

This one likely goes without saying

If you’re able to the best and easiest way to avoid ice build up on your vehicle is to find a way to park inside. If you don’t have a garage this can be tricky, but if you live in a larger city you may be in luck. Many large and medium sized cities have buildings that offer inside parking. Many parking garages will even offer a discount for those that are looking for long term parking solutions. To many people the convenience of this is more than work the cost.

These tips may sound bizarre, but they work!

If you happen to have onions on hand on a routine basis, they can help you to combat the wintertime ice on your windshield. To use an onion to combat ice all that you have to do is cut a thick slice and rub it over the surface of your windshield before going inside for the evening.

Another strange sounding tip that works surprisingly well for winter driving is to spray a layer of shaving cream on the interior of your windshield. Shaving cream has a very similar chemical make up when compared to anti-fog products. Adding a layer of shaving cream and then wiping it off will allow you to spend less time defrosting your car in the morning due to the chemical residue mimicking the action of anti-fogging products.

If you do still end up with an icy windshield it is important to handle it correctly. Here are some actions to avoid.

  • Although it might make sense to melt the ice in your car windshield with hot water, you should never do this! The hot water will melt the ice, but it is also very likely to crack the windshield of your car when the hot water comes into contact with the freezing cold windshield.
  • If you end up having to use the scraper on the end of your snow brush make sure that you are not tapping too hard, or you may end up puncturing your windshield!
  • If you are able to, do your best to avoid using a mental scraper. Most snow brushes have them embedded on the back, so the convenience of it is tempting. However, metal scraper are notorious for causing scratches and scrapes on your windshield.

Instead try these things

  • Pour cold water instead of hot water on to the windshield that you’re trying to clear of ice. The cold water will work because it warmer than the ice. It may not work as quickly at hot water, but it greatly reduces your chances of ending up with a cracked windshield.
  • Instead of using a metal scraper, try using a plastic scraper! Plastic scrapers are still effective and they are much less likely to cause accidental damage to your car.
  • If you suspect that you may have an encounter with ice in the morning waking up a bit earlier and allowing your car to run for few minutes with the defroster on should also do the trick.

By following the tips above you are not only greatly reducing the stress that comes along with having to deal with icy windows, but you are also greatly increasing your chances of being safe while on the road.

If you wake up with icy windows and you’re in a rush you may be tempted to just clear a small portion of the ice. Clearing only a small portion of ice off of the windows isn’t enough. You may be able to see directly ahead, but this isn’t safe and can lead to blind spots and reduced visibility.

By reducing your chances of waking up with icy windows in the first place, you’re doing yourself as well as all of the other drivers on the road a huge favor! Preventative measures may seem time consuming at first, but you will more than get your time back in the morning by not having to deal with getting ice off of your windshield!

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