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Lexus vs Mercedes: What Is Difference? Tips New 2022

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There are a few factors to consider when choosing between Lexus vs Mercedes. Price is one important consideration, as Lexus vehicles tend to be more affordable than Mercedes. Another key factor is reliability – Lexus has a reputation for being more reliable than Mercedes.

Finally, it comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the luxurious feel of Mercedes, while others prefer the sporty feel of Lexus. Ultimately, the best decision is the one that fits your needs and budget.

Who Is Lexus?

In the meantime, before we look at Lexus with Mercedes, Let’s begin by covering one or two of the fundamentals of both brands. We’ll also get familiar with their brands. However, knowing more about their background and how they came to be is essential. This is among the crucial factors when buying an item, mainly when it’s a high-end brand.

Let’s begin at Lexus first. What is Lexus? Lexus is a Japanese firm that makes high-end automobiles. It was established around 1989 in Nagoya, Japan.

Lexus was created when the Japanese brands diversified and built luxurious brands. For instance, Honda created the Acura brand, Nissan created the Infiniti brand, and Toyota developed Lexus.

Then, Lexus is, in essence, the daughter company of Toyota. However, the company is to be the one most admired among the three companies we’ve mentioned.

Lexus, as the brand, is across more than 90 countries around the globe and is an enormous corporation in Japan that sells luxury cars. That is a massive clue regarding this brand’s presence in the marketplace.

At first, they offered only their Lexus LS, a high-end sedan. Then, shortly afterward, Lexus diversified and started offering convertibles, coupes and SUVs. It also stole tons of sales from German automakers BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

Today, Lexus has an abundance of loyal customers who are a part of the brand and believe that Lexus cars are the top preference. But what is the distinction between Lexus and Mercedes? We’ll discuss this in a minute.

Who Is Lexus?

Who Are Mercedes?

In the meantime, before discussing Lexus with Mercedes, we should learn more about it and its background. How do we know about Mercedes, and why is it so well-known? Let’s elaborate.

Mercedes is likely to be the most sought-after brand in terms of quality since the start at the turn of the 20th Century. Everyone loves Mercedes, including business people, politicians and dictators. Everyone would like to own a vehicle from the German brand. What is the story behind how it all started?

The company Mercedes Benz was established in 1926 in Stuttgart, Germany. At first, they concentrated on luxury vehicles; however, as the business grew, it expanded and now provides trucks, vans, buses, powertrains and other heavy-duty equipment.

Since the beginning, Mercedes was a company that targeted well-off buyers available and provided quality. Therefore, the two main things people think of Mercedes Benz are luxury and German quality. This distinction has been in place for more than a Century.

We can also make a comparison between Lexus against Mercedes. Regarding quality and longevity, Lexus is the German brand that is likely to be ahead in some ways compared to Lexus. Japanese brand.

The thing worth mentioning is that Mercedes has a selection of vehicles in almost every market segment. At one time, the company just offered high-end sedans. However, today they offer much range of automobiles.

The number is 24 models that include electric automobiles they’ve announced or plan to launch. That’s a lot higher than another manufacturer currently available.

If you’re looking for an exact model, then you’ll be aware that Mercedes includes this in their range. What about the Lexus comparison versus the Mercedes comparison? We’ll get more details on that covered in our next chapter. In the subsequent chapters, we’ll look at the differences between the two brands in a few areas.

Who Are Mercedes?

Lexus vs Mercedes

7-day/500-mile Exchange PrivilegeCPO Program BenefitsBenefit Not Offered
4 years/50,000 milesNew Vehicle Limited Warranty4 years/50,000 miles
$31,300 Starting MSRPMercedes-Benz CLA vs. Lexus IS$38,410 Starting MSRP
Car-to-X CommunicationMercedes-Benz E-Class vs. Lexus GSFeature Not Offered
14-Way Power Adjustable Front SeatsMercedes-Benz GLA vs. Lexus NX10-Way Power-Adjustable Driver Seat/8-Way Power-Adjustable Front Passenger Seat
93.8 cubic feet of cargo spaceMercedes-Benz GLS vs. Lexus LX83.1 cubic feet of cargo space

1. Car Comparisons

If you’re searching for something small, balanced, or luxurious, You’ll find more picking Mercedes-Benz than Lexus. Here’s a more detailed look at three of the most popular rivals:

Lexus IS Vs. Mercedes-Benz C-Class: The IS is only $2,000 cheaper than the C-Class; however, it could be better in several crucial areas. With higher fuel efficiency and the standard FREE ACCESS(r) liftgate as well as three inches of legroom in the second row, it’s clear that the C-Class is the clear option.

Lexus ES vs. Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Rear-wheel drive that is standard and a more powerful engine selection makes the E-Class an ideal choice for enthusiasts who enjoy high performance. While the E-Class is more expensive to start than the Lexus, it comes with several more than standard features and options regarding its base trim. In the model year 2021, the E-Class is also ranked top of its class by U.S. News.

Lexus LS vs. Mercedes-Benz S-Class: with the standard open-air roof, auto parking remote engine starts and seat memory. The opulent Mercedes-Benz S-Class easily outclasses the competition Lexus LS. All-wheel drive is standard, making the S-Class an agile option in addition.

If you’re looking for something on the lower end, you may be interested in the A-Class.

2. SUVs and Crossovers

A growing number of motorists opt for SUVs or crossovers, and we don’t blame them! However, you can maintain your driving performance and luxury inside to have more views and cargo space. We’re confident you’ll love what these Mercedes-Benz SUVs have to offer:

Lexus UX vs. Mercedes-Benz GLA: The GLA offers more power at the beginning, and its automatic transmission comes with a manual mode. The Lexus is less than 200 horsepower in the standard version, while it has an electronically variable transmission that can make you want more. In addition, your guests will be pleased to know that the GLA comes with more than five inches of rear legroom.

Lexus NX vs. Mercedes-Benz GLC: As always, Lexus NX is the better choice. Mercedes-Benz will get you started with more power and offer you more powerful options for engines in the future. The GLC also offers higher fuel efficiency, more considerable legroom in the second row, and the standard features which the Lexus cannot compete with. If you’re looking for a small SUV with three rows of seating, You can find it inside the GLB!

Lexus RX vs. Mercedes-Benz GLE: Similar to the E-Class, The Mercedes-Benz GLE is located at the highest point in its mid-size segment. Both models have optional third-row seats. However, the Mercedes-Benz has more sophisticated information technology, more robust engine upgrades, more excellent second-row legroom and a wider wheelbase to ensure a more leisurely ride on the highways of Fountain Hills.

Lexus NX vs. Mercedes-Benz GLS: The GLS easily wins this contest because it offers better efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, more powerful engine upgrades and regular features such as HANDS-FREE ACCESS as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. While the NX may beat the GLS in off-road terrain, those who want to live the lifestyle they want can go with the G-Class.

Mercedes vs Lexus: Small Sedan Class

3. Small Sedan Class

Let’s start our first comparison of the Lexus and Mercedes. This is especially true with the compact sedan class. It’s the smallest category in which we could compare these two brands. Mercedes also offers the A-class. However, Lexus has no option in this class.

So, in this instance, we can look at the Mercedes C-Class, and the Lexus IS. They are both compact executive sedans. It is, by far, one of the cheapest cars available by these two manufacturers.

Lexus IS starts at $40,000. Lexus IS starts at $40,000. At the same time, the MSRP of the C-Class begins at $43,500. Therefore, from the beginning, we discern that the Mercedes is slightly higher priced than the Lexus.

The IS features the 2.0L inline-four turbocharged. It generates around 250hp. The model comes with an even more powerful engine for the C-Class that produces around 255hp. For transmissions, the Lexus comes with an 8-speed auto, and the Mercedes comes with a 9-speed auto.

Also, the Mercedes offers higher fuel efficiency, with 29 MPG combined, with the Lexus, which has 25 MPG combined.

Additionally, it is also in addition. The Mercedes Benz also has more storage capacity. 12.6 cubic feet versus 10.8 cubic feet.

Overall, the C-class is an excellent all-rounder over the IS. You may pay higher for Benz, but it’s certainly worth it if you are looking for a car with a price in the mid-40s.

The Mercedes C-class is the apparent winner when it comes down to Lexus against Mercedes in the class of compact cars.

4. Mid-size Sedan Class

Let’s cover another area in the Lexus and Mercedes contest: the middle-sized sedan segment. This is the area where both the Mercedes E-class and the Lexus ES are the leading contenders. Another major player is BMW’s 3-series in the premium mid-size sedan market.

However, it’s worth noting that the Lexus ES starts at about $42,000 and is an excellent bargain if you ask me. The Mercedes E-class begins at $56,000. That’s more than a $14,000 difference in the price between both models.

Therefore, when it comes to worth in terms of value, Lexus is the winner by a considerable margin. In addition, this Lexus is a more modern model than the current model of E-class.

At the base model’s price for the Mercedes model, you will get the 2.0L inline-4 turbocharged engine which produces about 255hp. The Lexus also has the 2.0L non-turbo inline-4 engine, which produces around 200hp. The Lexus has an 8-speed auto for transmissions, while the Benz is equipped with an automatic 9-speed.

In terms of the efficiency of fuel, it’s important to note that both cars perform very similarly. The Lexus has a combined fuel consumption of 28 MPG, while the Benz receives 26 MPG.

In terms of trunk space, the Mercedes Benz comes with a 13.1 cubic feet trunk, while the Lexus offers 13.9 cubic ft . of trunk space. In this way, they are comparable.

However, the Lexus ES is a better value for money overall. There’s a significant difference in the price. The Lexus starts at $42,000, while its Benz model starts at $56,000. Benz is $56,000. All of it for a car that will soon be retired. The clear winner would be Lexus ES.

Mercedes vs Lexus: Large Sedan Class

5. Large Sedan Class

Let’s look at comparing Lexus with Mercedes in a different market segment. This is the class of large sedans. The first mission for Lexus. Lexus brand. It was to develop a rival to the S-class. That is how they came up with the first Lexus model: the LS400. Since then, the LS class has changed and is currently in its 5th generation.

Let’s look at the LS and the S-class to decide which is the best alternative to purchase. First, let’s talk about the cost. It is estimated that the Lexus LS starts at about $78,000 which is quite a bit of money.

However, the S-class is expensive, beginning at around $113,300 for an S500 model. One thing to consider is that the S-class’s current generation is younger compared to the LS.

The base LS500 has twin-turbo V6 engines. It is a 3.5L engine that produces around 416hp. If you’re looking for the Benz S-class, it comes complete with an Inline-6 turbocharged motor. The engine is 3.0L in size and can produce approximately 429hp.

When it comes to transmission In terms of transmission Lexus comes with a 10-speed automatic that comes with an overdrive. The Benz is equipped with a 9-speed auto with an overdrive. Both transmissions provide extremely smooth shifts.

The fuel efficiency is excellent, with 22 MPG in the Lexus and 24 MPG for the S-class.

In terms of trunk space, the Lexus offers 16.9 cubic feet, while it is larger than the Benz is 12.9 cubic feet. The Lexus is much more spacious when you fill your car with food items.

Which is the winner in the contest of Lexus against Mercedes? In this case, the clear winner is the S-class, which is more modern and is an upgrade over the Lexus.

6. Sports Car Class

Let’s now compare Lexus with Mercedes in the category of sports cars. We will specifically compare the sports cars each company offers and those of the Lexus RCF with the Mercedes AMG C63.

It is important to note that the most recent version of the C63 has yet to be available, so we’ll be comparing the current RCF with the previous C63. So, let’s get started.

The Lexus RCF starts at $67,000. The Mercedes C63 AMG price begins at $71,000. A lot higher when in comparison with the RCF. However, is the AMG more worth the difference of 4000 dollars? Let’s see.

Regarding engines, it’s important to note that both have V8 engines. The AMG is equipped with a 4.0L V8 engine that makes around 469hp. The Lexus comes with the 5.0L V8, which produces 472hp. While the Lexus comes with more displacement, it makes only 3 horsepower less.

Regarding transmissions, AMG has an automatic 9-speed, and the RCF has an 8-speed auto transmission.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the two models perform similarly. The AMG achieves about 20 MPG in total, whereas the RCF gets 19.

Regarding trunk space, it’s important to mention that both have the same cargo space—a little over 10 cubic feet, to be specific.

In terms of style, They are almost alike. Both are very comfortable to drive in and look stunning. The only area where AMG has advantages over Lexus is its technology. Mercedes’s infotainment system is superior when it comes to comparison with the Lexus system.

The question is, Lexus vs. Mercedes, who will win? In this kind of contest, we’d prefer to vote for Mercedes.

Mercedes vs Lexus: Maintenance Costs

7. Maintenance Costs

Let’s cover one of the most critical topics in the Lexus and Mercedes comparison: maintenance costs. You’ve probably heard that maintenance costs are among the most crucial aspects to consider when buying a car.

The first thing to do is purchase an automobile, but a different aspect is maintaining the vehicle and keeping it in good order. A brand-new vehicle isn’t an issue. However, used vehicles can be to a large degree.

Which of these two is more affordable to maintain? The answer is quite simple. Lexus is the less expensive vehicle to maintain over the long haul.

The prices of the Lexus dealership are different from the cost of maintenance for the maintenance cost of a Mercedes Benz. This is the reason Lexus is taking sales from German brands. They offer quality cars at a reasonable price that are relatively inexpensive to keep up in the long term.

Lexus doesn’t overvalue its vehicles because of their brand name. This is why the Lexus brand is perfect for you if you are looking to buy a high-quality vehicle that is low-cost to maintain and maintain. In this instance, in the case of comparing Lexus to Mercedes and Mercedes, the Lexus brand wins.

8. Reliability

Another factor that is important to consider when comparing Lexus to Mercedes is the dependability factor. You’ve probably heard that vehicles must be solid. Therefore, you should be happy with buying an unreliable car.

In this instance, both brands produce reliable and high-quality vehicles. There is no way to be disappointed when you choose one of them.

With Lexus, you can enjoy the Toyota quality. With Mercedes, you will get German quality. Although it is a long-term investment, Mercedes can be more costly to maintain correctly. Be aware of the expenses of maintaining your vehicle and ensure you are correct.

9. Depreciation

Another thing to consider about Lexus and Mercedes is depreciation. What is depreciation?

Depreciation is when the vehicle loses a portion or all of its value over a short amount of time. In this particular aspect, Mercedes is the most affected brand, more so than Lexus.

The reason is that their vehicles are valued higher in the first year of their purchase. In 5 years, their vehicles are likely to lose more value compared to the Lexus brand. Specific Mercedes S-class models, around 20 years old, cost $3000. Also, compare $118.000 to $3000 in just 20 years.

This is a significant amount of money gone. If you’ve enough money to purchase this vehicle, you’re likely aware of the depreciation. Let’s close this post.

Mercedes vs Lexus: Depreciation

What Companies Are the Brands Attached To?

Before we get into the Lexus and. Mercedes comparison details, we need to look at the companies each brand is linked. Since every producer has opinions that could influence prospective buyers.

Each brand is linked to the following businesses:

  • Lexus: Lexus is owned by the famous Toyota company.
  • Mercedes: Mercedes is owned by the larger car manufacturer Daimler AG.

This is where each car is derived from in reality.

Both come from different brands, yet they’re both luxury cars that will surely please anyone looking for something different in their life. Let’s take a look at the capabilities of each car first.

Which Brand Performs Better?

Performance is usually the first factor that buyers take into consideration when considering a brand-new car. We’ll examine this first with the Lexus comparison. Mercedes comparison. Which one is better than the other after all is completed?

The performance of each car is as the following:

  • Lexus: Lexus vehicles all have powerful engines that provide controlled driving.
  • Mercedes: Mercedes have potent engines that push the boundaries of what SUVs could achieve. They also have speedy sports automobiles. They’re more potent than Lexus when it comes to speed and power.

Of course, the performance will differ based on the model you decide to buy for yourself.

Consider this year’s Lexus LC if you’re searching for a Lexus with outstanding performance and great value. If you’re looking for a Mercedes version, we recommend considering the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

What Does Each Brand Lineup Look Like?

We will then examine the range of options every luxury car brand offers. There are some differences between Lexus and. Mercedes in the vehicles they excel in and the range they offer.

The lineup of each car is as follows:

  • Lexus The Lexus offers a range of sizes. It excels at the smaller and mid-sized luxurious options.
  • Mercedes: Mercedes offers some additional sizes too. They are a top choice for medium-sized and large options.

Every vehicle on the line features a different look based on the model you decide to invest in for yourself.

It’s the Mercedes. Mercedes is more expensive than the Lexus; however, both models have stunning and distinctive appearances for their exteriors. There’s something for everyone on the market.

Which Brand Has a Better Interior?

We’ve talked about the exterior of the vehicles, but what about the interior? This is where you’ll spend the majority hours in. Therefore you should pick a car with an interior that feels and looks the best.

The interiors of all vehicles appear to be:

  • Lexus The interior is spacious and has an enveloping feeling. It’s contemporary and different from other models of luxury cars inside.
  • Mercedes The Mercedes has a stunning contemporary interior highlight the Mercedes. You’ll feel like you’re inside a spaceship, which can also function as an automobile racer.

If we look inside, the Mercedes is still a step ahead of the Lexus in its interior.

The Mercedes is a winner due to its modern technology, unlike Lexus’s old-fashioned infotainment system. It’s a stylish and comfortable interior.

Which Brand is Safer?

We’ve covered all that is involved with the appearance of the Lexus comparison. Mercedes comparison. How about safety? A car may be the most attractive option available, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth it whether it’s safe or not.

You’ll need a high-end vehicle that’s as stunning as it is secure and practical to drive on any road. Let’s take a look at how these two vehicles compare with each other.

The general safety of every premium brand is:

  • Lexus Pre-collision Assistance, lane departure alerts, auto high beam, and lane-tracing.
  • Mercedes High-quality crumple zone, collision avoidance, and steering guidelines.

These features help to ensure that the driver is as secure as they can be on the roads.

In the final analysis, Lexus or Mercedes come close to the safety features. You can drive into either of these luxurious brands and be confident that you’ll reach your destination without a problem.

When safety is the primary issue, you don’t have to worry about one brand over another. Both were designed with attention to ensure that the driver is safe behind the wheel all day long.

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