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What Does GTR Stand for Nissan?

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The skyline GTR is one of the most powerful and fastest cars that the Nissan company has manufactured over the years. For all my car lovers around the world wondering and are curious as to what does GTR stand for Nissan, well we got your answer right here. 

The Nissan GTR stands for Grand Turismo car racing. It is known that it was first manufactured by the company of Prince motor of which later merged with the current Nissan company, where the skyline car was further improved as to what it’s known now as the Nissan GTR. 

History of Nissan GTR Skyline

The legendary Nissan skyline of which was first introduced in the year 1957, whereby it was manufactured by the company of Price motor. The skyline creation lasted for about 10 years, and in the year 1967, the Prince company merged with the Nissan company as to where the GTR series of cars started to evolve. 

Today, the Nissan skyline is one of the most known brands of cars of which evolved to the modern Nissan GTR cars. 

The Evolution of the Modern Nissan GTR 

The first Nissan skyline 

The first-ever Nissan skyline, as we mentioned while we were discussing what does GTR stands for Nissan, was manufactured in 1957, and later improved in 1967, when the two companies merged. 

The Nissan skyline during that time was either a station wagon with five doors or a sedan with four doors. It also comprises a GA 30 well-built engine. The first-ever racing skyline was introduced in the year 1964 under the flag of the Prince motor. This marked the shift from a sedan car to a racing gt car for the skyline series. 

Nissan skyline first-ever generation 

Although a sedan car, the skyline in the year 1969 changed to become a Nissan during the Tokyo motor performance show where the Skyline was revealed. The skyline consisted of a six engine that was unlined and had a horsepower of 160. The first-ever Nissan Skyline first generation was in the market during the years 1969 to 1972. 

The Nissan skyline version of 1969 was proposed to be a touring car. Similar to the prototype of the R380 Nissan prince, the car relied upon and had a cam dual overhead engine with four valves and also consisted of independent four wheels that contributed to it’s efficient and remarkable handling. 

The Nissan car skyline stood out during competitions especially in the touring races in Japan, emerging with a victory of over 50 wins in the first three couple of years in the competition. In the year 1970, the merged Nissan company introduced the first-ever two-door car version of its series. 

This was a very successful launch, and the car was well received by the people. Although the car was well received, it had some challenges as it was put on the side for a while because strict emission rules and standards were imposed and a global gasoline epidemic affected the car model. 

The skyline C110 was also produced in 1972. It was well known as the Datsun and later after four years, the Nissan R30 skyline came through. This was a remarkable design that consisted of a hatchback with five doors and was also in the form of a sedan coupe with four doors. 

It later transformed into the Nissan R31 skyline of which was introduced in the year 1986 and was bigger than the other models. It had a red top engine with red covers over it. 

Over the years the Nissan skyline improved from the R32 Nissan skyline to the R33 Nissan GTR and finally to the R34 Nissan skyline of which was high in demand and was available in the market till the year 2002. 

The first-ever Nissan GTR 

In the year 2008, the Nissan GTR landed in America. As to those wondering what does GTR stand for Nissan, it all started when the skyline name was dropped by Nissan, and the company added a V6 twin-turbo that had a horsepower of 473. 

This highly improved the car performance levels as it could compete with the German, Italian and American supercars. The Nissan GTR advanced in its technology and provided the user with good handling and also had a muscular yet very modern look to it with a sleek design. 

Engine transformation from Nissan skyline to Nissan GTR 

As discussed above, the first Nissan skyline engine made by the Prince motor was introduced in the year 1957 and had a horsepower of 60. In the year 1988, when the new RB26DETT brand engine was first introduced and kept in the R32 skyline model. 

The engine had a torque of 271 ft and produced 280 PS. Things have completely changed from the Nissan GTR series as of today the GTR has a horsepower of 600, ten times more than the original Nissan skyline. 

The engine in today’s Nissan GTR car model is very advanced technology-wise and has a V6 twin-turbo 3.8 liter engine. When the Nissan GTR is manufactured and assembled in Yokohama in the country of Japan in the motor industries, only specialized people are allowed to do that job. 

The Takumi 

In the building of the well-known Nissan GTR engine, only four people are trusted with this work and are referred to as the Takumi. Takumi means master craftsmen. The Takumi has experience of a lifetime and upon completion of the GTR engines, their names are put down on the engine plates as a masterpiece of the masterclass work. 

What Does GTR Stand for Nissan – Conclusion

As of now you already understand what GTR stand for Nissan. The GTR car draws attention and many people around the world have resided to buy it. 

The Nissan GTR has also marketed itself as it has appeared in certain popular video games such as the most common Need for Speed game and has also featured in the most common movie Fast and furious as one of the cars.

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