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What Does Quattro Mean On an Audi?

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What Does Quattro Mean On an Audi?

For all my car lovers around the world, there is no doubt that you have come across the four-wheel  Audi Quattro while purchasing your most recent car. Many of us wonder what does Quattro mean? Well, don’t go anywhere, as we have your answer right here. 

The Quattro is an Audi model of car particularly found everywhere in the United Kingdom and also around the world. It’s a four-wheel car drive of which many people prefer it, because of its smooth drive and it’s up to date automatic engine. 

The name came to existence in the year 1980 when the Quattro was being used as rally cars and we’re very efficient during the sports rally era. Then since, the Audi model Quattro has been used to name certain Audi models from time to time, and has been very efficient and has made a lot of money selling their four-wheel passenger cars all around the world. 

The Audi Model Quattro Virtual Cockpit 

In the countries Germany and the United Kingdom, the company Audi sells more than half of its cars in the above-mentioned countries of which the car models are fitted with Quattro four-wheel car drive. 

The Quattro car model option can be searched virtually along with any car models particularly the Audi models. In case you are searching for Quattro sales on your web browser, the results will bring a lot of Quattro-equipped car models of which includes the Audi A3, A5, and the A4.

The Quattro car model drivetrain is standard and similar to all high performance and efficient machines that the Audi car brand owns.  

The Work of the Audi Car Model Quattro 

Most of us wonder what does Quattro mean? Quattro is an Italian word that means four, therefore Quattro is a four-car wheel drive. Most people when they hear of the Quattro models, immediately think of the rally cars that were there in the 1980s, which is very true but this time it’s up to date with high-performing and automatic machines that ensure a smooth drive. Depending on the circumstances that your car is either rear or front-wheel drive all the ultimate car power is on the rear or front wheels for a two-wheel car drive. 

For the Quattro model drive, the ultimate car power is shared amongst the four wheels hence has a higher performance than the two-wheel car model drive. 

This means that in case you are driving your Audi Quattro and you want to take sharp corners or rather accelerate, the four tires present in the Audi model Quattro will provide efficiency and a larger grip as compared to the two-wheel car model drive This ensures that you are safe in case you take sharp corners or go fast on a roundabout. 

This is because the error margin is big hence it would take time before the Quattro tires lose their grip and cause an accident. 

Many people in the world also prefer the Audi Quattro models especially the people that live in the rural areas, where they experience muddy roads or in places of high altitude where icy and snow conditions are experienced. 

The maximizing traction principle also applies to the Audi car Quattro models of which can take sharp corners and have a fast acceleration, all thanks to the Quattro four wheels that offer the Audi car with a good grip hence the smooth drive. 

The Quattro models of which include the Quattro Q7, the Quattro Q3, the Quattro Q5 and not to forget the off-roaders and the Quattro SUV car models, all together are in the same category. Mentioning again, most people go for the Quattro models for their additional grip when driving on muddy roads and when driving in general. 

How the Audi Model Quattro Car System Works 

As of now, you are already aware of what does Quattro mean. then it’s time to know how the Quattro car system works. The Quattro car setup is of three types of which have different characteristics that differentiate each from the other. 

The most common type is that one for the A6, Q8, and A4 models. The Quattro car system has a good default and good engine power of which it’s split, 40% for the wheels upfront and the remaining 60% going for the rear back wheels. The car system can divert more car power to the wheels in front in case the rear car wheels have lost traction. 

The Quattro TT and A3 models have a bias reverse setup which shares the engineering platform and also possesses a compact hatchback. This means that the Quattro car powers the wheels upfront until a point when they lose grip where the ultimate power is diverted to the rear back wheels by use of a multi-plate flat clutch. 

For the model Audi R8, it’s car system uses almost all of the engine power in the rear back wheels while driving normally and only diverts it’s ultimate power to the wheels up front to prevent the rear back wheels from losing traction. 

Is Owning an Audi Quattro Worth it? 

The price of a rear car drive and that of a Quattro car model is not that excessive in its difference. In case you want to purchase a brand new Audi Quattro model, you are most likely to benefit from a residual value that is higher than when you want to sell the car. 

This is because used Quattro model cars are high in demand with the prices remaining high for the older cars. It all depends on the road conditions you experience while driving in your area and also your unique style of car driving. Most of the Audi car models that are not Quattro after all, don’t crash on roundabouts driven by an experienced driver. 

What Does Quattro Mean? – Conclusion

As you know what does Quattro mean, the specification and the tire conditions is a major factor in the cases of traction and grip. Choosing to highly invest in your Quattro tires brings about good benefits to a smooth drive. Marginal consumption of fuel and extra costs slowly amount up simply because of the extra weight of which must be balanced by its benefits.

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