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What Is A Toyota Prerunner?   

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The Toyota Tacoma Prerunner is a midsize pickup truck offered on V-6 rear-wheel-drive Toyota pickup models. It packs the similar design and features commonly found on the four-wheel-drive midsize trucks, though it doesn’t have the 4-wheel-drive system. So, what is a Toyota Prerunner? This article covers that in detail.

The Prerunner has 16-inch steel wheels, higher ride weight, engine skid plate, black fenders, and front mudguards. The first Prerunner model was released in 1998.

It’s a Toyota Tacoma variant that has two-wheel-drive but functions and looks like a 4-wheel drive. Its construction was motivated by Toyota’s pre-run off-road trucks. This midsize truck can stand even the worst of conditions most off-road trucks can stand. 

What Is a Toyota Prerunner – Is It a Good Truck?

In technical terms, the Toyota Tacoma Prerunner is a midsize truck that pre-runs Toyota’s full-size off-road racecourse vehicles. It’s a prime midsize pickup that has a compact design alongside superb features and excellent performance. The model comes in many different body styles, good build-quality, durable construction, and excellent reliability. Its good engine performance combined with the superior construction and low price makes it a great everyday midsize truck.

What Makes the Toyota Prerunner Different From 2WD Trucks?

Toyota Prerunner is no doubt a 2WD truck, but certainly not an ordinary one. It’s more of a 4-wheel-drive Toyota truck packaged in a two-wheel-drive model. It packs lots of superior and high-power functions and features that make it stand out from other 2WD trucks.

  • Size and construction—the Prerunner’s width and height are more by two inches compared to standard 2WD trucks. The ground clearance is about an inch-and-half more than the one on standard 2WD trucks.
  • Brakes and skid plates—The Prerunner’s brakes are bigger by two inches. It also includes skid plates, which aren’t common on standard 2WD midsize trucks.
  • Wheels and Drive Type—the Toyota Prerunner packs 16-inch 6-lug wheels like the ones found on 4×4 trucks. The tires are created to be robust, durable, and large enough to stand the harsh conditions off-road 4×4 trucks can stand.
  • Payload and Rear Axle—the Toyota Prerunner has an impressive hauling capacity of 200 lbs, which is several times better than a standard 2WD truck. Its rear axle is 3.73 with V6 which is better than the 3.31 for 2WD common in standard 2WD trucks. Also, the truck has better turning abilities compared to ordinary 4x2s.

Rugged Exterior and Detailed Design

In terms of size, Toyota Tacoma Prerunner is smaller than the full-size Toyota models. It has a rugged and heavy-duty design that makes it ideal for riding on urban and suburban terrains. Its interior design offers double-cab configuration, which makes it super cozy. The truck has a comfortable high-floor and leg-out seating, allowing for cozy seating.

The more advanced Toyota Tacoma Prerunner models pack an audio head unit characterized by the multimedia interface system by Toyota Entune. They as well include lots of contemporary apps and comfort-oriented features such as music streaming, iHeartRadio, and Bluetooth. 

Other impressive features of the Toyota Tacoma Prerunner include the volume control rocker button and advanced tuning knobs.

However, it’s good to note that most of the features and functions inside any Tacoma Prerunner model depend on the package selected. The 2015 and later models feature fabric-trimmed manual seats, USB ports, and Bluetooth-enabled six-inch touchscreen. 

Most of these models offer optimal spacing under the rear bench. It’s superbly designed telescoping, and the tilt steering wheel allows for comfortable sitting, ensuring you can enjoy cozy rides.

Other interior amenities include leather-trimmed steering wheel packed with audio controls, 115-volt deck-mounted outlet, and cruise control. The trucks also include daytime lights allowing for enhanced visibility when riding in dusty terrains. 

You can enjoy optimal towing capacities of up to 6500 pounds alongside sliding rear windows, premium upholstery, and backup cameras.

Toyota Tacoma Prerunner Accessories

The Toyota Tacoma Prerunner has lots of impressive accessories, which adds to its unique visual details. The front bumper has an off-road design characterized by bigger size, aggressiveness, and better angle approach. The rear bumper has a departure angle and distinctive design and function. The fenders are bigger and wider compared to the ones found on standard, midsize trucks.

The truck’s lights are customized for performance. The headlights, taillights, and all other lights on the front bumper and roof are pioneered to deliver optimal lighting.

Performance and Wheel Drive

The truck’s performance on the road is incredible with a sporty look and comfortable rides Most of the Toyota Tacoma Prerunner models run on high-power 4.0L V6 engines that deliver great fuel efficiency and decent mileage. The 5-speed automatic transmission combined with the high-power engines delivers great road performance and a good power supply.

The Toyota Tacoma Prerunner also includes a clutch-start switch that allows for easy ignition engagement using push start and clutch popping. It works magically when the battery fails to start. 

As for its skid plate, it’s big enough to provide adequate protection to the transfer casing. The truck’s wheels are 16-inch steel wheels and are designed ready to handle everyday stress on both off-road and on-road terrains.

You’re also getting TRD sport-tuned suspension, responsive handling, and rear-wheel-drive with restricted slip differential. These add to the performance and reliability of the truck during off-road treks.

How Much Does Toyota Prerunner Cost?

Owning a Toyota Prerunner comes at a price. You don’t expect it to trade at the same price as the standard 2WD drive midsize trucks. However, that doesn’t mean you should budget for a 4WD drive full-size truck when shopping for this Toyota truck. The price is quite affordable, considering the value and features it offers. It’s certainly worth buy for anyone who wants to enjoy 4WD truck performance and reliability at a lower price.


The Toyota Prerunner is quite a great choice of a truck that runs on 2WD. It may not be as efficient and reliable as the 4WD models, but it does pack features and functions you won’t get with ordinary 2WD trucks.

With this reasonably priced midsize truck, you are getting long-haul performance, great reliability, and good fuel efficiency. Considering its low price, you are surely going to reap real value for money when you invest in this 2WD Prerunner truck from Toyota.

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