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How to Find Car Paint Code with VIN Number

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If there are minor scratches on your car, you can fix them easily provided that you know the exact color code. Automotive sprays and touch-up paints will do a good job. You may need to find your car’s Paint code for various other reasons. In this post you will learn how to find car paint code with VIN number. 

Color code color name?

It is important to know that a color code is not a color name. Some people mistakenly think that they are the same. But the fact is, every color has different shades and these shades are represented by different codes. 

For example, if you need a particular shade of yellow, you cannot simply say that you need yellow. When you go to the store, you have to tell them the code. This code represents the specific shade of yellow. 

To be able to pick the right color, you will have to understand the difference between a color code and color name. Color code can be RGB or a Hex code. To sum up, while a color name represents a particular color, a color code represents a particular shade of the color.  

What is a VIN?

You can use your vehicle identification number to look for your vehicle’s paint code. A VIN is an alphanumeric code of 17 characters. Each vehicle has a unique identifier. Some people find it a bit confusing, but a VIN basically contains information about a vehicle.

Every vehicle has a VIN, and every VIN is unique—just like a fingerprint. There are many cases when you need to use a VIN. For example, when you are going to purchase a used car, you need to know information about the car. Vehicle history reports are provided by car-buying websites and dealerships.

VIN can be used to know whether a car has recalls. As a law-abiding citizen, you may want to know if your vehicle has recalls. The number can also be useful when your car is stolen. There are national and local databases that use VIN to identify a stolen car.

Using VIN to look for paint code

Before you learn how to find car paint code with VIN number, it is important to know that knowing the VIN alone is not enough to know the paint code. You will have to use another platform to find the code. There are many online resources that can help you by providing you with information about your vehicle.  

These resources can help you find more than just the color code. You can obtain information about other components of your car. To find the information, all you need is the VIN of your vehicle. 

The VIN will also be needed when you call the manufacturer of the vehicle. When it comes to finding the right paint for your vehicle, using VIN is a reliable method. 

Where can you find the VIN?

You want to learn how to find car paint code with VIN number, but in some cases, finding the VIN number can become an ordeal. In most cases, the number can be found on the dashboard. Chances are that your vehicle’s dashboard is on the driver side. It can also be located on the door post. And if the VIN is not found in these two places, don’t worry. You can still check it in the following places: 

Check the vehicle title and see if it contains the VIN. This legal document proves that you are the real owner of the vehicle.  The certificate of registration issued by your state is another important document to check. Chances are that you will find the VIN in this document. You can also look for it in your car repair records and car insurance papers. 

The VIN is a long alphanumeric code of 17 characters. For cars made before 1981, the number of characters is 11. If that is the case for your car, you will not be able to find the paint Code by using the VIN. 

Check car repair records

You can also find the VIN in the car repair records. These are the records that show what parts of your car have been repaired or replaced. For reference, the VIN may be written in the documents. To prove repair work, you should always keep the repair records. 

Find your car seller

If the car has been bought recently, it will be easy to find the car seller. Chances are that you are still in contact with the seller. Get in touch with the local dealership via a phone call. You can also use the internet connection to find them. A phone directory can also help you find them.

If the seller has a website, you will find things a lot easier. To get the service, you will have to provide some information regarding your car. What information do you need to provide? It depends on what information they ask for. But one thing is for sure: you will not have to do any research to find the information.

Contact a local dealership

When you have obtained the number, call them and talk to the department that provides services. Just let them know that you need to find the color code of your vehicle. They will ask you the VIN number. You have to read the number out.

But it is not possible to find the color code simply by using the VIN number. They may ask for other information and then tell you the paint code. And when they tell you the paint code, write down the code. You can use this code to know what the color actually looks like.

If you are wondering how to find car paint code with VIN number, this is what you need to know. If you do things in the right way, the procedure is as simple as that.

An alternative way to find the paint code

You can find the paint code on the car information sticker, too. It contains important information about your vehicle. The sticker is also known as a vehicle certification label or parts identification sticker. Reading the sticker is a more convenient way to learn about the paint code. Once you find the sticker, things will be a lot easier for you.

In most cases, the sticker is stuck on the door jamb. If you do not find the sticker there, look for it in other areas. It may be found on the firewall, sun visor or on the driver side door. You can also check the radiator, strut tower or trunk lid. The vehicle owner’s manual can also help you locate it. 

On the sticker, you will find the color code of the exterior paint. The codes can also be labeled “VIN”. The sticker may contain different codes for the trim color and the body color, because sometimes they can be different. The codes may not be labeled as color or paint codes. Sometimes they can be labeled as “C” codes. This C indicates color. The trim color may be indicated by “Tr”. 


VIN number can be used to find car paint code, and the procedure is not complex at all. We have explained how to find car paint code with VIN number, and hopefully you will be able to do it even if you have no experience. Once you find your car paint code, you can use your valuable experience to help others.

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