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Lexus vs BMW: Compare Price, Reliable, Performance… 2022

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When it comes to luxury cars, Lexus vs BMW are two of the most well-known brands. Both offer a range of vehicles with various features and capabilities, making it difficult to decide which is better. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference, as both brands have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Lexus has a reputation for being reliable, efficient, and comfortable, while BMWs tend to be more sporty and powerful. Lexus also offers excellent warranty coverage and customer service, while BMW’s after-sales service may be lacking in some areas.

In terms of performance, both brands are capable of delivering outstanding results, so choosing between them really depends on what you prioritize.


Lexus is the name of the luxury vehicle segment from Japanese automobile maker Toyota Motor Corporation. The first Lexus models was launched around 1989 in America. USA, Lexus is now being sold worldwide and has become Japan’s most popular brand of luxury sports cars.

Its Lexus tagline can be described as “The pursuit of perfection”. Lexus has received top ratings for its vehicles’ reliability and customer care in surveys by independent firms. Consumer rating firm JD Power and Associates have named Lexus the most trustworthy company across the US fourteen times.


Higher Quality: Incredibly, but not by much, Lexus offers better quality than BMW. The Lexus quality isn’t just marginally better, but it’s 33 percent more secure and higher in terms of quality when compared with BMW. BMW automobiles.

More Dependable – If you’re searching for a car that doesn’t bother you with minor software issues, interior durability, and exterior finishes, Lexus is an ideal choice. They are packed with excellent features designed to last for many years.

Excellent ride comfort: The most crucial factor that makes Lexus an excellent car over BMW automobiles is the superior ride convenience Lexus provides to passengers and drivers. For drivers and passengers who want safety, comfort and relaxing riding, the experience Lexus can be a great alternative.

Very few issues: Many BMW owners have problems with the new features, such as software and interior comfort specifications, after a couple of months of driving the car. The positive side is Lexus has a meager amount of complaints from owners, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you have found the perfect vehicle.

Cheap Repairs: Lexus requires less frequent repairs to its engines, Interior maintenance, and other repairs and maintenance. Another fantastic thing is that Lexus repairs are affordable, and you don’t need to shell out money repeatedly.

Luxurious, safe ride – Lexus cars are famous for their luxurious interiors and upgraded security features to allow passengers to take a more secure journey. Parking parallel and driving slowly in traffic jams are highly smooth when using Lexus.


There is less emphasis On Performance – Lexus vehicles are specifically designed to provide passengers with the best ride experience and comfort. Lexus cars do not focus on performance and have no control, they need to be able to provide more excellent acceleration, and therefore they’re not suited for racing tracks or passion for driving.

Gadgets with a limited range – Lexus is more focused on improving the convenience and reliability of their vehicles rather than introducing novel gadgets. You could experience some need for more innovation within your Lexus.

Lexus vs BMW: Reliable


BMW makes up the “German Big Three” premium automakers, together with Mercedes-Benz and Audi, the top three automobiles in the world. Its BMW motto, “Sheer Driving Pleasure,” has evolved from various brand slogans in German.

BMW serves as an identity symbol for some and for others, it’s an assurance of “The Ultimate Driver Machine” and the philosophy behind high-end engines. If we are talking about driving in actual terms, BMW is usually thought of as the best driving machine.


More Gadgets and pizzazz – the BMW automakers are known for making an impact with their bold designs, unique interior designs and innovative new gadgets. You will undoubtedly enjoy the most innovative new features when you purchase a BMW.

Driving-centric cars: BMW cars are more focused on driver’s aid. They are excellent vehicles for control, smooth gear shifts and top aerodynamics for high speeds.

Excellent for high-speed thrills – When compared to Lexus, The BMW is not afraid of pushing the maximum speed limit. You can feel the ferocity and excitement of speed driving when you choose BMW.

Better aesthetics and practicality: BMW generally has a distinct design and a more realistic style than its rivals. There’s always something new to discover within BMW.


Unreliability: BMW’s reliability is often compromised due to an increase in new technology and features. As mentioned earlier, you should be prepared for all kinds of unexpected events.

Many costly repairs – BMW is an incarnation of the devil – meaning that it will force you to push your limits until you can add more items to your list of maintenance and repairs. BMW repairs could harm your bank account more than you imagine!

Unfriendly to Low Speeds – BMWs refuse to follow the instructions of the driver’s demands for low speeds. Parking ease parallel parking, slower speeds during congestion and other brakes are just a few aspects that BMW is not a fan of to be a part of.

BMW vs Lexus: Performance

Lexus vs BMW

1. Reliable

With Lexus being of Japanese origin, there’s nothing to compare. Japanese cars are very reliable, and Lexus is more reliable than BMW.

Through the many years, Lexus has topped all the charts regarding the quality and reliability of its manufacturing. It’s all about consumer reports or independent auto journalists, or statistical tests in the past, there is nothing that can compare to Lexus’s reliability.

The majority of studies put Lexus in the number one or two position in terms of reliability. Because of its impeccable manufacturing using top-quality raw materials and the thorough tests conducted by the company, Lexus automobiles aren’t likely to fail even with a lot of use.

BMW, in contrast, has been plagued by reliability issues over the years. Most of the time, it is due to the premature breakdown of mechanical components and the lack of general reliability.

If something goes wrong in the BMW, there’s bound to be substantial charges to cover.

Based on Consumer Reports, Lexus takes the top position, while BMW places 19th on Reliability Testing.

2. Price

It is also crucial to be aware that BMW has additional features as standard, but you will have to pay for a few of them for Lexus. Lexus. This might explain the slight difference in the average cost.

If you’re thinking of the full-featured version of either vehicle, you’ll find that the BMW will continue in the higher price range than Lexus.

Within the USA, BMW vehicles is the most popular luxury car enthusiasts brand as is Tesla due to its wide range of models and a broad range of trims offered in every model. Lexus is close behind.

Each year, Lexus Sales in the USA surpass Mercedes and Audi in 2021, but it’s still far behind BMW.

BMW has the upper hand over Lexus in sales worldwide also and can sell more vehicles than Lexus, its Japanese rival. This is due to the bigger geographical footprint BMW can cover since it has an extensive dealer network across the globe.

3. Maintenance Costs

Lexus is among the most affordable automobiles that you can maintain within the premium segment. Because Lexus is an affiliate of Toyota, Toyota, there are plenty of part-sharing and cost savings in manufacturing thanks to collaboration and research.

A BMW and other German cars are among the priciest automobiles to maintain, especially in dealer shops that use costly OEM components and fluids.

Dealerships also employ expensive diagnostic equipment and tools and also employ company-trained technicians to do the job, resulting in extra cost over the typical.

BMWs can be a challenge to repair, which means that garages with independent facilities might need help to work on them. This makes it hard to find an excellent alternative to maintenance services for dealerships.

A Lexus is significantly less costly to maintain than a BMW, one of the most expensive vehicles in German luxury brands.

These are annual costs for maintenance for each auto manufacturer to allow for comparison.

4. Performance

The two Lexus along with BMW are made to be high-end cars with superior performance. However, when Lexus concentrates more on comfort and quality, BMW takes the crown in terms of performance.

If your BMWs need to be faster and more fun for you, it is possible to choose BMW M the Bavarian maker has a special department designed explicitly for models with high performance.

BMW super luxury cars are more sporty versions of the regular coupes and sedans, which offer thrilling performance and luxurious interiors.

If you’re searching for performance, BMW M is the most apparent winner, and Lexus cars’ performance is still impressive.

BMW vs Lexus: Comfort and Economy

5. Comfort and Economy

In terms of economy and comfort, Lexus beats BMW. All Lexus vehicles are built to provide unbeatable levels of ease of use. The seats are very comfortable, as is the interior, which is extremely quiet due to the use of well-insulated high-end materials.

BMW, on its part, provides an exciting and enjoyable driving experience. It also focuses on stylish interiors and high-end technology.

They are also comfortable and spacious, but the emphasis is on performance, driving dynamics, and luxury.

Although those who purchase this type of vehicle typically don’t care about fuel efficiency, it’s still an issue for many.

Lexus is again the best choice regarding fuel economy since most of its vehicles provide high efficiency in fuel consumption. It also has a hybrid system with Toyota and is known for its revolutionary hybrid automobiles.

BMW isn’t far behind, as it provides hybrid versions of several of its vehicles and is working on creating the BMW I range, an electric car lineup to come soon.

In general, the cars are less efficient in terms of fuel efficiency than the Lexus counterparts. Lexus vehicles are more efficient in terms of overall fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

6. Lexus vs. BMW model range for SUVs

BMW of Brooklyn examines the range of options within the SUV lineup of BMW as well as Lexus. The German automaker has a selection of six different luxury SUVs that start as low as $33,900 for the BMW X1 and a maximum beginning price of $64k for the top-of-the-line BMW X6 model.

The base model’s engine is a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline-r that generates 228 horsepower. Upgrading to the most potent engine will take you to the 4.4-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo V8 engine with a whopping 445 horsepower. For Fargo space, the largest you can see in the range of BMW can be 76.7 cubic feet.

Lexus is a class apart, offering six different SUV cars with their current lineup. Prices start at $36,186 on Lexus NX. Lexus NX, topping out with $85,630 for the most expensive Lexus LX.

While they are more expensive from the beginning up, the two models offer a good range of options in the class of this vehicle. The engine that is the base for Lexus is one that is a 2.0-liter turbo-inline-4 with 350 horsepower, which BMW is beating for primary performance.

The most powerful of all the engines Lexus offers in the SUV range comes with a 5.7-liter V8 engine with a maximum power of 383. BMW wins the title for the highest horsepower at the top of the range.

Lexus is in line with this, having the highest cargo volume of 83.1 feet when space is the central aspect. If it comes down to it, it’s clear that each has pros and cons. For specific models, that it’s an even tie.

Lexus vs. BMW luxury sedans, coupes, and convertible models

7. Lexus vs. BMW luxury sedans, coupes, and convertible models

BMW is currently offering models such as the 2 Series Coupe with a starting price of $35,300. It also has the i8 model as one of the highest-priced models, with an estimated price of $147,500.

The engine used in these models is the 2.0-liter turbo inline 4 engine with 248 horsepower, with an estimated mpg of 21 in cities and 33 on the roads. Lexus has a range of eight sedans and four coupes that you can choose from. an initial price of $35,210 for the basic model, and at the higher end, the LC hybrid coupe is priced at $96,510.

This is the base model. It is a 2.0-liter turbo-inline 4 engine that produces 241 horsepower. Its estimated efficiency rating is 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway.

In this segment, BMW has the lowest cost for a base model. However, on their top-of-the-line vehicles, it is over $40,000 more. BMW offers a slight advantage in terms of horsepower when it comes to the base model. However, Lexus can counter this by having a higher fuel efficiency rating.

We’ll award this award to Lexus because the brand has a greater variety of models in premium coupes, sedans and convertibles.

8. Lexus vs. BMW Eco-friendly models

The next battle between Lexus and BMW will be in the green category. We begin the comparison in the direction of BMW. BMW offers a selection of four different plug-in hybrid models and two entirely electric models. Starting at $45,600, the brand offers four models in this segment.

The highest EPA estimated fuel efficiency is 109 miles with one charge of combined efficiency in the MPGe model. Lexus has a selection of six hybrid models, with two as hybrid SUVs. The starting point starting at just $38,535 is for Lexus NX Hybrid.

The EPA estimated fuel efficiency ratings are 40mpg for the city and 39 for the total rating. If you’re searching for the most efficient eco-friendly car you can, then BMW beats the competition by achieving an astonishing 109 mpg when combined.

If you’re looking to save money, Lexus has this segment’s most affordable basic models. Apart from fuel efficiency, Lexus emerges as the winner due to its more comprehensive range of models. BMW offers fewer options than Lexus, the top prize in this competition.

Which is the best option for You?

If you’re the type of person who is a fan of security and is comfortable in their automobiles, then the Lexus is a good option than the BMW. Lexus cars have been designed to endure and rarely experience significant problems in one year or so of ownership.

BMW is a good choice if you are a fan of high-performance thrills. BMWs are renowned as being sporty and performance-driven vehicles whereas Lexus tends to be more of a luxurious and luxurious vehicle.

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