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The Best Radar Detectors for your Tesla Model 3

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No matter what you want to buy, Amazon is the place to go when you are ready to shop. Whether you are window shopping and just browsing and scrolling, or ready for Prime Day with your Christmas list ready to go, (um, hello, Christmas in July?) Amazon is the place to be when it comes to top-notch shopping. It combines the easiness of online shopping with the convenience of having virtually unlimited options… because its the internet. No need to worry about whether the store is going to run out of stock ever again.

But Amazon isn’t only a reliable source for your everyday basic supplies for your household. Sure, you can auto-ship your vitamins and your prime pantry, and maybe a new novel each month, but you can also find the most unique equipment and gadgets out there. Once again: combine the accessibility of Amazon from your couch with the worldwide supermarket that there is, you can get your hands on virtually anything if you dream big enough.

If you have an Amazon account, you probably have the Tesla Model 3 in your driveway as well, right? This is a sleek car that takes the cake as one of the best electric vehicles in today’s market. If the cool factor isn’t high enough for you already, you may be interested in installing a radar detector — you know, for cool points only.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting a radar detector, we have collected the best available options from Amazon, and we have reviewed them below. Consider this your one-stop-shop for all things radar detector: you will find product reviews, pros-and-cons listed out for each of the items, and then a buyer’s guide down below where we will discuss other general things you should know about purchasing and installing a radar detector.

Whether you are a radar detector veteran and you are looking to upgrade to the latest model, or you are simply trying to learn more about these products and if one could be in your future, then you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll review the best options Amazon has to offer. Then, we will break down the ins and outs of radar detectors, how they work, and how they can be useful in your day to day life.


Reviews for Best Tesla Model 3 radar detectors

Whistler CR85 High Performance Laser Radar Detector: 360 Degree Protection and Voice Alerts

This Whistler product has excellent reviews for a buyer with a budget in the mid-range. This Whistler CR series provides professional-grade radar detectors for your dashboard.

There are several different styles to choose from on Amazon, however, the specs that we’ll consider today are for the c85. This model has 360 degrees of perimeter protection. It claims to protect against all radar guns, including X-band, K-band, Superwide Ka-band, and laser.

This model features both Radar Signature ID and Laser Signature ID. In addition, it has real voice alerts and full-text displays.

This model also comes with POP Mode detection, which is a type of capability that catches brief bursts of radar.

In addition, it has three filter modes and a traffic flow signal rejection mode to make sure to cut down on and eliminate alerts from radar-based traffic monitoring systems.

Overall, this is an excellent product with all sorts of customizable features. Standard features include a high gain lens which increases the field of vision and range of detection, alert priorities, so you can customize your display to show you whatever is most important, and then a safety warning system for the highway.

Each of the models comes with LED lights on the top of the model, which increases the visual stimulation. The digital display comes in several colors, and several of the models are compatible with the Whistler Intellicord. This is a separate product that tricks out your radar detector so that the user is able to control power on/off, adjust city modes, make dim/dark adjustments, and even fine-tune the quiet/auto quiet settings.

This model comes with a power cord, a visor clip mount, windshield mount, and dash pad.


  • 360 Degree Protection
  • Detects all kinds of radar and laser
  • Fully Customizable


  • Built to be mounted on the dash — could be clunky (and potentially illegal, depending on where you live.)
  • Pay attention to the model you buy — not every model comes with the same features.


Radenso Pro M Radar Detector

The Radenso Pro is a well-known, well-loved product. This is a top of the line radar detector for those ready to pay top dollar for the highest quality they can get.

The range of this product is pretty incredible: the manufacturer claims that the radar is sensitive enough to catch several miles of range. The technology is pretty advanced, as well. This product will filter radar signatures to distinguish between false alerts and the real deal, so you won’t be slowed down by radar cruise control, blind-spot monitoring systems, or other highway traffic technologies that could be confusing for your device.

This product also has a GPS lockout technology, which remembers common false alerts that occur over and over on your regularly driven routes, so that you don’t have to hear them every time. Speaking of every time, this device is built-in with updatable technology to tap into a database of speed cameras and red lights, so you can constantly be aware of all of the sticky spots along your route and never be out of date.

This device picks up several types of laser and radar, including the newer MultaRadar, which is widely used in Canada but growing rapidly in the United States.



  • Red Light/Speed Camera database with a lifetime warranty for software updates
  • Detects all kinds of radar and laser, including MultaRadar
  • GPS lockouts for false alerts
  • Great customizable volume and light settings


  • Reviewers have mentioned that the suction cups can be weak and fragile
  • Not a color display, so it only shows in red
  • Scratches pretty easily


Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector, Red Display

Another well-loved brand, Escort, presents this radar detector with a red display. It offers all-band protection with 360-degree radar and laser detection. The combination of the advanced digital signal processing and the auto sensitivity mode helps reduce false alarms. In addition, the programming system allows easy and instant customization to the individual user.

In comparison to the last model, the manufacturer boasts a 40% performance improvement. This model has 50% more range than other passport models, and is able to detect POP radars, X-band radars, and K and KA bands. This technology, called the digital signaling processing, provides a maximum range with minimum false alarms.

Although this model is small, it has features of its own. Escort has a patented AutoSensitivity mode that identifies real threats from other radar sources. In addition, the Traffic Signal Rejection picks out and silences interstate traffic sensors so you don’t have to.


  • Patented Technology
  • Various levels of brightness and meter modes
  • Mute and automute features to automatically reduce volume levels.
  • Comes with a zippered travel case, quick-release windshield mount, SmartCord, owner’s manual and reference card.


  • This model has the least customizable features in comparison to the other models reviewed in this article
  • Smaller LED Display

Buyer’s Guide

So, now that you have three options of radar detectors to choose from, what else do you need to know? Whether you are just looking to refresh your memory or you are starting from scratch, we’ll cover the basics below — maybe it will make some of the details in the product review make more sense!


Why should I invest in a Radar Detector?

Well, other than upping your cool factor, radar detectors are used to tell you if there is a police officer around monitoring your speed. This can be a great resource to have if you live or travel through cop-heavy areas… or if you have a need for speed.


How many kinds of Radar Detectors are there?

Great question! There are three types: corded, cordless, and remote-mount. The first is usually installed on the windshield with suction cups (like the second product in the review section.) These generally provide the widest and best ranges of detection. Cordless detectors are more aesthetically pleasing and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, while remote-mounted detectors are permanently mounted in your car.


Do they all do the same thing?

No! Different models have different amounts of laser sensors, modes, and individual features. For example….

One laser: detects lasers in front of the car only, but not around or behind you.

360* lasers: uses more than one laser sensor to pulse around the car and behind you.

Highway Mode: the default level of sensitivity — this is a higher level of sensitivity than City Mode.

City Mode: This is a lower level of sensitivity to compensate for the sensors built in to other cars — like door openers or cruise-control sensors, those types of things.


How do Radars work?

Different kinds of radars operate on specific frequencies. Most radar detectors will detect some or all of these frequency bands: X-band, K-band, Ka-Band, Ka wide-band, and Ka super wide-band. Radars help cover distances and speed, which is why police officers use radar guns to calculate how fast vehicles are moving. Radar detectors work by picking up the signal beams of a radar gun before the radar gun can register and calculate your speed.

Are lasers different?

Lasers, instead of transmitting frequencies and pulses, calculate speed using light beams. This is a much faster way to calculate speed, but it is significantly more expensive and much harder to use.

What else can a radar detector do?

There are all kinds of special features that can come with specific models of radar detectors. Some new models have built-in features, while others are compatible with newer products sold separately.

You can get a radar with smartphone compatibility — these usually pair with your phone via Bluetooth to mark things like emergency vehicles or speed cameras.

Other models come with GPS tagging, where the product can measure the speed, direction, and location of your car in comparison to known speed traps. Pretty nifty!

Some models come with voice activation, so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel. Other models have different voice features and additional visual features, so you can customize your notifications to your own preference. Instead of receiving audio signals that radar has been detected, you can customize your device so a light goes off instead.



When you sit down to consider your options when it comes to purchasing a radar detector, keep these questions in mind: What features are the most important to me? What could this purchase add to my vehicle? What are the most common types of equipment used? Do I need to be more concerned about radar or laser detectors? Are radar detectors legal in my state? Do I prefer to have a decluttered windshield, or would I be okay with a detector mounted with some cords? None of these questions are make or break questions, but they will help you choose the right kind of product that is perfect for you and your individual needs.

No matter which way you go, any of these products would be excellent additions to your Tesla Model 3. These are the best radar detectors on Amazon, and all have different features that appeal to different buyers. We hope you find one that works for you!

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