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Bentley Batur: The Pinnacle of Automotive Opulence

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In the world of ultra-luxury automobiles, where opulence knows no bounds, the Bentley Batur stands as a testament to unrivalled craftsmanship, power, and exclusivity.

This remarkable super GT emerges from the hallowed halls of Bentley as a limited-production masterpiece, capturing the essence of the brand’s legacy while pushing the boundaries of modern automotive engineering.

With a price tag that places it squarely in the realm of the world’s most exclusive vehicles, the Batur is not just a car; it’s a statement of affluence and a work of art on wheels.

Join us on a journey into the realm of this extraordinary automotive creation, where luxury knows no bounds, and innovation reaches new heights.

Bentley Batur review


Vehicle Type: front-engine, all-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door coupe


  • Base: $2,110,000 (est)


  • twin-turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 48-valve W-12, aluminum block and heads, port and direct fuel injection
  • Displacement: 363 in3, 5952 cm3
  • Power: 740 hp @ 5500 rpm
  • Torque: 738 lb-ft @ 1750 rpm


  • 8-speed dual-clutch automatic


  • Wheelbase: 112.2 in
  • Length: 193.0 in
  • Width: 77.4 in
  • Height: 54.7 in
  • Trunk Volume: 13 ft3
  • Curb Weight (C/D est): 5100 lb


  • 60 mph: 3.0 sec
  • 100 mph: 7.2 sec
  • 1/4-Mile: 11.0 sec
  • Top Speed: 209 mph


  • Combined/City/Highway: 15/12/20 mpg

Bentley Batur Resting Beast Face

Resting Beast Face

Design Philosophy: The Batur’s striking design is the result of a creative team led by Andreas Mindt, Bentley’s Director of Design. Their vision is to combine elegance with a strong presence, creating what they call a “resting beast stance.” Think of a majestic lion or tiger crouched low in the grass, ready for action.

Muscular Aesthetic: While the Batur retains Bentley’s iconic large radiator grille, it introduces teardrop headlight units, a departure from the brand’s traditional circular lights. These new headlights feature three powerful projector units, adding to the vehicle’s bold look.

Cab-Rearward Stance: The long hood of the Batur maintains Bentley’s signature cab-rearward stance, even in fully electric models, showcasing the brand’s distinctive design language.

Side Profile: The side profile of the Batur is reminiscent of a muscle car, exuding power and grace. Its rounded rear end provides a softer and more organic contrast to the angular lines of the Continental GT.

Cabin Luxuries: Inside the Batur, you’ll find a dashboard architecture similar to the Continental GT, due to safety considerations. However, it’s adorned with even more opulent and rare materials. Buyers can personalize their Batur with a vast array of colors and trim options, including a sustainable natural composite as an alternative to carbon fiber.

Sound of Power: The fascia of the Batur features a laser-etched sound wave that represents the distinctive roar of the W-12 engine, adding an artistic touch to the interior.

Twilight Sentinel

Engine Enhancement: The Batur’s W-12 engine has undergone a series of upgrades, including a new intake system, improved turbochargers, and recalibration. These improvements have pushed the engine’s output to an impressive 740 horsepower, which is a substantial increase of 90 horsepower compared to the W-12-powered Continental GT Speed.

Chassis and Performance: The Batur’s chassis inherits the combination of air springs, adjustable dampers, and a 48-volt electromechanical anti-roll system from the W-12 GT. It’s also equipped with an electrically operated torque-biasing rear differential, carbon-ceramic brakes, and bespoke 22-inch wheels as standard. These features ensure that the Batur not only looks impressive but also delivers a dynamic and thrilling driving experience.

Exclusive Ownership: The Bentley Batur has already attracted the attention of discerning buyers who have traveled to Monterey to witness its unveiling and finalize their car’s specifications. Deliveries of this limited-run model are expected to commence in the middle of the next year.

Don’t Miss Out: If you’re regretting not being part of the initial release, it’s worth reaching out to your local Bentley dealer to express your interest in future limited runs. The Batur’s blend of power, luxury, and exclusivity is sure to make it a sought-after gem in the automotive world.

A Bolder Continental

A Bolder Continental

Bentley sees the Batur as a real-world concept of what’s to come when traditional petrol-powered cars transition to a new era. This includes not only changes in powertrain technology but also in design.

The Batur’s design showcases sleek headlamps, a distinctive grille, dynamic feature lines, and elegant rear lamps. It’s a bold and carbon fiber-clad statement.

Inside, the Batur offers only two seats, with a shelf behind the driver’s seat in place of the Continental GT’s bucket seats.

The dashboard layout may be familiar to those who have spent time in a Continental GT, but it comes with unique touches, such as a gold drive select wheel and air vent valves. The customization options are extensive, allowing owners to tailor their Batur to their exact preferences.

Despite its substantial size, the Batur is not cramped inside, and it offers a sense of spaciousness. Sustainability is also part of its appeal, with sustainably sourced leather and the use of a flax-based composite for some bodywork components, emphasizing Bentley’s commitment to eco-friendliness.

While the Bentley Batur may appear imposing due to its size, it handles well on the highway and quickly adapts to various road conditions, making it a suitable choice for discerning drivers who seek both luxury and performance.

Large, Long, And Lovely To Drive

In “comfort” mode, the Batur delivers a smooth and quiet ride, with supple dampers, light steering, and a calm demeanor. A gentle press on the throttle awakens the powerful engine, unleashing an abundant wave of torque that propels the car forward with remarkable speed. The Batur is the most powerful production Bentley ever built, and it embraces that distinction with confidence.

Switching to “sport” mode on challenging roads, the Batur’s weight becomes more noticeable, as it tips the scales at 4,923 pounds. While it may not handle like a lightweight sports car, its substantial power more than compensates. The acceleration is breathtaking, and the torque is seemingly endless, making it easy to conquer any road.

The Batur features massive brakes that effectively bring the car to a halt, and the paddle shifters allow for smooth gear changes. The car’s width and large wheels, however, present challenges in navigating narrow streets, especially in European cities where space is limited.

Despite its size and attention-grabbing presence, the Batur offers a serene and insulated cabin. Double-glazed side windows and sound deadening ensure a peaceful environment, where you can effortlessly reach the speed limit without disturbing the refined atmosphere.

The Batur offers several drive modes, including a balanced “B” mode that combines elements of “sport” and “comfort.” Personalization options allow you to fine-tune the car to your preferences, from steering and powertrain settings to ride comfort.

As a Bentley, the Batur prioritizes comfort, even in its sportiest settings. The ride and handling team has achieved a perfect balance, ensuring that the car maintains its composure over rough surfaces without sacrificing comfort. Whether cruising at 20 mph or 120 mph, the Batur remains a luxurious and comfortable vehicle.

One of the standout features of the Batur is its high level of customization, thanks to its Mulliner designation. Buyers have nearly infinite options to personalize their car, from bold seat colors to unique exterior hues.

The Batur serves as a canvas for endless creativity, allowing owners to make a statement with their unique specifications. Cars in this segment are celebrated for their individuality, and the lucky 18 owners have the opportunity to showcase their distinct personalities through their bespoke Batur creations.

A Stunning Sendoff

A Stunning Sendoff

The Bentley Batur is likely to be a subject of two distinct perspectives. The first group may view it as a Continental GT with more power and a fresh facade, dismissing it as a profit-driven endeavor.

This car isn’t designed for them. It’s intended for the second group: those who perceive the Batur as the ultimate manifestation of the Bentley W12, showcasing what can be achieved with abundant resources, cutting-edge technology, and boundless creativity.

While it unquestionably carries a hefty price tag (though not for its target audience) and is one of the rarest cars ever produced, it represents something akin to a “Director’s Cut” for Bentley.

It pushes the boundaries of available design and engineering technology and packages it all in a remarkably large and aesthetically pleasing form. Comfort, speed, luxury – it embodies the complete automotive package.

If there were any aspect to criticize, it would be its size. The Batur is so substantial and ornate that maneuvering it in city streets or confined spaces might be a bit daunting, but chances are you won’t be concerned about such practicalities.

It serves as a fitting and magnificent farewell to the W12 engine, showcasing the epitome of Bentley’s craftsmanship and innovation.

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