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Best FM Transmitters 2019

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Best FM Transmitters 2019

An FM transmitter is a small, portable device that users can hook directly up to their musical devices and utilizes an FM signal to broadcast their music out on an FM radio frequency. Typically how it works is that the user simply hooks the device straight up to their audio device such as an iPhone and then selects an unoccupied FM station not being used in your local area.

The main purpose of an FM transmitter is for users to be able to utilize better quality speakers to hear their music on larger devices or provide portability for your music that might be attached to a device like a computer that is not as portable. In addition, many individuals can use an FM transmitter to broadcast their music through their car radio when either their car or their device does not come equipped with an appropriate jack for direct connection. A nice feature of an FM transmitter is that they usually cost significantly less than an aftermarket stereo system and still come with some of the features that users are looking for in those units. Some users have also been known to use an FM transmitter to do local radio broadcasting to very small regions.

In this blog, we are going to discuss several of the top-rated FM transmitters on the market today. The information provided will allow you to make an informed decision about what FM transmitter might be right for you if you are currently in the market.


Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit

The Nulaxy model comes equipped with a 1.44 inch display and a USB car charger that allows users to plug the device into their cigarette lighter. The added USB functionality provides an older vehicle with an USB port for newer iPhone and Android devices. This model also comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, newer tablets, MP3 players, and most other smart phones.

  • Pros

Since this device can utilize Bluetooth connectivity, it is capable of displaying the number of incoming calls, which is a nice hands-free feature to have. In addition, it comes equipped with an SD card slot which individuals can use to play their music if another device is not handy. When using the SD card option, the Nulaxy will display the current song that is playing. Another nice feature is that it has is a built-in microphone that allows for hands-free talking when connected to a smart phone. This model has decent sound quality by utilizing noise cancelling technology as well.

  • Cons

This unit had high marks amongst consumers with many noting it had good sound quality with little to no static. However, some buyers complained that it would cut in and out of the signal on them. It also does not come equipped with a power button and has to be unplugged when not in use.


Sumind Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The Sumind FM Transmitter comes with a 1.7 inch display and dual USB ports via a cigarette lighter jack. It also comes equipped with an AUX input and output along with TF/Micro SD card slot for MP3 players. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android smart phones.

  • Pros

A nice feature of this unit is the double USB ports for multi-device hook-up. It includes Bluetooth functionality that is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android devices. It has a rotating arm that allows users to move the device into a position that allows for the best, undistracted viewing. It also has a power on/off option that allows you to continue charging your USB devices while it is off. The Sumind model also uses noise cancelling technology to provide clear, crisp sounds. It will display incoming calls and the latest song on the LCD backlight display.

  •  Cons

This is another highly rated unit amongst consumers especially for ones who did not have Bluetooth connectivity in their vehicles. Several common complaints for this model included poor connection design and loss of Bluetooth connectivity. The power cable does not fit snugly into the cigarette lighter jack and can become dislodged during driving. In addition, users reported poor connectivity with the Bluetooth signal dropping in and out.


VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This particular model comes with a 1.44 inch LCD backlight display. It comes in several different colors to appeal to buyers and is compatible with many current Bluetooth-enabled devices such as the iPhone or Samsung Android. It has a built-in USB port on the cigarette lighter plug jack, which allows smart device charging and connectivity.

  • Pros

The VicTsing comes equipped with a built-in microphone that aids hands-free calling, an added safety feature. It also has a TF/Micro SD for listening to MP3 type music. It has a fast charge capability and supports AUX input and output devices. As with the other models, it also uses noise cancelling technology to provide a clear sound quality with relatively little static. The VicTsing can also display the phone number of the person calling and the latest song playing when a device is hooked directly to the USB port.


This model is unable to read USB memory sticks, which could be an issue if you play your MP3 music that way and do not have an SD card slot on any of your devices. In addition, users complained that the Bluetooth was intermittent and that they had a lot of static outputted when they were able to connect via the Bluetooth option. However, this model also had mostly high marks amongst consumers.


Otium Wireless Radio Adapter FM Transmitter

The Otium Wireless Radio Adapter FM Transmitter comes equipped with a USB port built into the cigarette lighter jack. It has a 1.44 inch LED display and can even display your current car battery voltage when the car is turned on. It comes with a music tuner dial and Bluetooth connectivity. It is also compatible with most smart phone and USB devices including MP3 players. It costs about $16-$40 depending on sales.

  • Pros

A major pro of this device is the built-in microphone that allows for hands-free calling and maintains safety functionality for a driver. Its built-in USB can charge any USB-enabled device when plugged into the power jack. The Otium can also display phone numbers, current songs playing, and the FM channel and stereo volume.


This unit had slightly lower marks than our previously mentioned FM transmitters, but it was still amongst the best consumer rated devices. A common complaint for this model was that it did not have an on/off switch and that the hands-free microphone did not always do the best job of picking up a user’s voice while making phone calls.


JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit

The JETech FM Transmitter comes with a smaller display and a 3.5mm audio plug to connect directly to audio devices such as smart phones and MP3 players. It comes equipped with a cigarette lighter car jack with a built-in USB port. It can play audio files and books from compatible devices. It has a simple display and basic button functionality for ease of use.

  • Pros

This particular model comes with a lifetime warranty card. If the device stops working at any time, JETech will replace it free of charge. It has easy to use functionality and is not overly complicated for users who just want a simple device to listen to music and audio books within their car. The added USB port allows users to charge their smart devices while driving as well. In addition, it comes in a variety of colors.

  • Cons

The JETech Wireless FM Transmitter is not Bluetooth capable so users can not use it for hands-free calling and display. Consumers also complained that this model did not last very long and many times the wires connecting the device to the charger or audio device started to fray.


AMIR Criacr Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The AMIR model is quite different from the others model we talked about up to this point. It plugs directly into the cigarette lighter jack and has two USB ports on the front display unit. It does not come with extra wires that can become tangled or dislodged. It is Bluetooth-enabled and is compatible with most new smart phones. It also utilizes noise cancelling technology such as the other models to provide a crisp sound quality.

  • Pros

The AMIR Criacr received high marks amongst consumers for good sound quality. Users also appreciated the dual USB ports for multi-device charging and the fact that it did not have extra wires that could dislodge the device during charging. The Bluetooth feature automatically connects to a device it remembers making it easy to use for hands-free calling. In addition, it also has a wider FM range than other models so that users can find an uninterrupted frequency.

  • Cons

As we mentioned, this was a popular model, but it did have some complaints similar to other models. Users did not like that it did not have an on/off feature. It also had issues with static and intermittent interference, which can be common in metropolitan areas. It also does not have the capability to display phone numbers or current songs as it has a small screen that only displays the FM frequency.


Comsoon Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This model is similar to the AMIR Criacr and plugs directly into the vehicles cigarette lighter jack. It uses noise cancelling technology and allows for hands-free calling via the Bluetooth functionality. It also has dual USB ports for multi-device charging.

  • Pros

A nice pro of this model is that it actually accepts USB flash devices where other models do not. This allows users to play MP3 type files when they do not have a smart device handy. In addition, the Comsoon is compatible with Bluetooth smart devices such as Android smart phones, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This model also comes equipped with easy to use button functionality such as pause and play, previous or next song, volume control, answer/deny call, and redial last number. Comsoon states that this model can also go back and forth between incoming calls and playing songs without interruption.

  • Cons

The largest con of this device is the display. As with the AMIR model, it does not display the current song playing or the incoming phone call telephone number. It only displays the current FM frequency being utilized. Common complaints for this model included static sound quality, failure to tune to FM frequencies that are available, and non-compatibility with some vehicles. Some users found that it had a lot of interference and that calls were hard to hear using the Bluetooth functionality.


We have provided you with quite a few different FM transmitter options that can be used mainly in your vehicle, but some that can also be used in conjunction with your mobile devices. Some options were Bluetooth capable, while others only had Aux input and output functionality or SD card slots. Some units featured one USB port while others featured two. Most of these models are under $20, which makes them extremely affordable. Make sure to read our pros and cons listed above and review online comments about any of the models you might be interested in.

If you own an older model vehicle, an FM transmitter might just be the device you can use to hear your smart device music if you do not have the capability to buy or install a larger aftermarket stereo system. Since most of these models allow for hands-free calling, they offer a nice safety feature that is becoming more commonly required across the US. However, keep in mind that a common complaint of FM transmitters is that they can produce a rather static sound quality and that in some larger metropolitan areas; it may be hard to find an open FM frequency. These devices might be better suited for less populated areas or you need to look into ones that have a larger FM frequency range.

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