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Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna: Which Is Better? News 2022

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There are a few key differences between the Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna. The Odyssey has a more powerful engine, making it a better choice for those who need to tow or haul heavy loads. It also gets better fuel economy, so it’s a more affordable option for families who do a lot of driving.

The Sienna has a larger interior, so it’s a better choice for families who need more passenger or cargo space. It also comes with standard features like a power sunroof and heated seats that aren’t available on the Odyssey.

Toyota Sienna vs Honda Odyssey

1. Price and Value

If you are looking for a 2022 Honda Odyssey minivan will find it available in three trim levels: LX EX and EX-L trim levels. Elite and Touring trim levels. All Odysseys are equipped with a V6 engine and are front-wheel drive (FWD).

Eight passengers are included on all except that of the standard LX trim. Its Odyssey LX has an open middle aisle between its second-row chairs and seats seven people.

The price of the 2022 Odyssey is $32,290 to $48,020. This is not counting the destination fee of $1,225.

Honda provides connected services through HondaLink. They are not available if you choose an Odyssey Touring or Elite.

They offer a one-year trial of HondaLink Security, including automatic collision notifications, live emergency assistance, and instant service for roadside emergencies.

Touring and Elite Trim Levels also come with a three-month subscription to remote accessibility features (door locking and engine start), Geofencing for stolen vehicles, less-trustworthy drivers, locations, a parking-lot locater feature, as well as 24/7 concierge support.

These trim levels come with Wi-Fi hotspots, and the trial period lasts three months.

Honda does not provide free regular maintenance services for its Odyssey. The Minivan from Honda holds its value very well. The Odyssey has been named the highest-ranked Minivan according to the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. ALG Residual Value Awards.

If you’re looking for a 2022’s Toyota Sienna minivan will find it available with LE, XLE, XSE, Woodland Edition, Limited Platinum, and Limited trim levels.

A four-cylinder hybrid engine is available as a standard. Front-wheel drive is available on all Siennas apart from the new 2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition trim level. It’s the Woodland Edition has standard AWD as well as a slightly higher ride in height. AWD is an option for other versions.

The 2022 Sienna can accommodate 7 or 8 passengers, similar to the Odyssey model. Its LE trims and XLE trims feature an 8-passenger standard configuration that includes an adjustable center seat that can be removed between the second-row adjustable fore-and-aft seats.

A 7-passenger layout with higher-end captain’s chairs in the second row is an option on XLE and is standard on higher trims.

The price of the 2022 Toyota Sienna ranges from $34,560 to $50,000, excluding the $1,215 charge for the destination.

Connected services are more straightforward to obtain in the 2022’s Toyota Sienna. All trims offer one year’s worth of safety Connect, including auto collision alerts, live emergency assistance, immediate access to help at any time and stolen vehicle location.

Also, you can avail of a 3-month trial period for the Wi-Fi hotspot. Starting with the XLE model, you will get one year’s remote locking and engine start (Remote Connect), while the XSE and higher trims include an entire year’s worth of customer service (Destination Assist).

You’ll get complimentary scheduled maintenance in the first two years of your purchase or up to 25,000 miles if you own in 2022. Toyota Sienna.

Benefit: Honda Odyssey

Toyota Sienna vs Honda Odyssey

2. Reliability and Quality

Indeed, the Honda Odyssey does not rank among the top three minivans according to the J.D. Power 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS). However, it is ranked second within the J.D. Power 2021 Initial Quality Study (IQS). In 2022, the Honda Odyssey comes with the following warranty and roadside assistance:

  • Standard warranty of three years of service or 36,600 miles
  • Warranty on powertrains Five years or 60,000 miles
  • Roadside assistance Three years, or 36,000 miles

The Toyota Sienna is the highest-ranked Minivan in the 2021 VDS and ranks third in the list of Minivans included in 2021’s IQS. It will be available in 2022. Toyota Sienna comes with the following warranty and roadside assistance:

  • Standard warranty Three years, or 36,000 miles
  • Warranty on powertrains five years, or 60,000 miles
  • Hybrid system warranty eight years, or 100,000 miles
  • Hybrid battery Warranty 10 year or 150,000 miles
  • Roadside Assistance 2 years or 250,000 miles

Advantage: Toyota Sienna

3. Performance and Efficiency

The 2022 model of the Honda Odyssey comes with a comfortable and powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine with 268 horsepower and 262 pounds of torque. A 10-speed automated transmission drives all four wheels on the front. If properly fitted, the Odyssey features a 3,500-pound tow rating.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) evaluates 2022’s 2022 Odyssey as 22 miles per gallon combined with road and city driving.

In the meantime, the 2022 Toyota Sienna is now an exclusive hybrid minivan. The 2022 Siennas feature a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that produces 189 horsepower and 176 pounds of torque.

The engine is paired with an electric drive motor in the front with a rating of 180 hp and 200 pound-feet of torque. If you opt for one of the AWD Toyota Sienna, your Minivan will also come with an electric-drive rear motor rated at 54 horsepower and 89 pounds-feet.

The 2022 Toyota Sienna makes 245 hp. An electric continuously variable transmission (eCVT) blends power sources to provide torque to the front wheels. In AWD Siennas, you can have the rear electric motors drive the vehicle’s rear wheels. There isn’t a conventional driveshaft linking the rear and front axles.

The performance is sufficient for daily driving. What the hybrid powertrain Sienna is lacking in the way of vigor is compensated with its fuel economy and center console. The EPA estimates FWD Toyota Siennas in 2022 at 36 mpg for combined highway and city driving. All-wheel-drive Siennas rate 35 mpg.

The 2022 Toyota Sienna also has a 3,500-pound tow weight when properly fitted.

The advantage is that neither.

Honda has the edge in performance. However, Toyota has a lot to offer with its mpg.

Toyota Sienna vs Honda Odyssey: Performance and Efficiency

4. Safety and Driving Assistance

Your family’s safety is the top priority in your list of priorities when you make a family-friendly vehicle purchase. In most instances, Honda and Toyota have the best protection for you.

Its 2022 Honda Odyssey has a standard menu of advanced driving assist systems (ADAS), also known as Honda Sensing. It features a forward-collision-warning (FCW) system that includes automatic emergency brake (AEB) as well as pedestrian recognition, lane departure warning (LDW) and lane-keeping aid (or LKA, though Honda calls it Road Departure Mitigation).

Additionally, you receive standard level 2 semi-autonomous driver assistance in the forms of congestion assistance (TJA) technology that incorporates adaptive cruise control (ACC) with stop-and-go capabilities as well as lane-centering assistance (which Honda calls Lane Keeping Assist) as well as identification of signs in traffic.

Its base Odyssey LX lacks a blind-spot warning (BSW) system that includes rear cross-traffic alerts. However, the other Honda Odysseys in 2022 include this vital safety feature. A rear-seat-reminder system is included for every 2022 Odyssey.

In 2022, the Honda Odyssey earned a top five-star rating during National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash tests. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated the structurally identical 2021 Odyssey as a Top Safety Pick+, the highest rating.

The 2022 Toyota Siennas all have the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 (TSS 2.0) package of ADAS. Its version 2.0 comprises FCW with AEB, cycling and pedestrian recognition, LDW, LKA, and BSW with rear cross-traffic alert.

Also, you can receive level 2 semi-autonomous assistance through the JTA system, which integrates ACC with a stop-and-go function and Lane Centering (which Toyota calls Lane Tracing Assist), as well as the recognition of traffic signs.

Except for those with the basic LE trim and the base LE trim, all 2022 Siennas come with low-speed rear and automatic emergency braking that help prevent parking mishaps. Every Sienna includes a rear seat reminder system.

Its 2022 Toyota Sienna also has a 5-star overall NHTSA safety rating. Like the Odyssey and the Odyssey, the IIHS awarded the 2021 Sienna as a top safety pick+.

Advantage: Toyota Sienna

Infotainment and Technology Toyota Sienna

5. Infotainment and Technology

If you opt for the LX version of the 2022 Honda Odyssey, your Minivan will come with a primary 5-inch LCD audio display with Bluetooth on the base lx trim; however, there is no Smartphone connectivity.

The other Odysseys from Honda come with a decent infotainment system that includes a touchscreen of 8 inches and connected Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration. The trim level will determine the number of USB ports and models. The Odyssey can have anywhere from 1 or 6 USB ports.

Honda Odyssey Touring and Elite include an in-car navigation system and the CabinTalk public-address system built into the vehicle and the CabinWatch rear-seat monitor as an entertainment system in the rear with two 10.2-inch screens and an HDMI port as well as Blu-ray player. These trims also come with an outlet in the front of the seat that is 115 volts (150 Watts).

The Toyota Siennas of 2022 includes a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment screen with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration.

Based on the grade, navigation on the factory level is either available as a standard feature or an option. In 2022, every Sienna will come with seven USB ports. Toyota’s Driver Easy Speak public-address system is available on all models except the LE.

Rear entertainment system options are available, including one 11.6-inch rear-facing display and HDMI input. Included on Sienna Limited and Platinum trims is a mirror for the rear that uses a camera to provide a wide-angle view of what’s in front of you. Two outlets of 120 volts (1,500 watts) are available on all Siennas. It’s included in the Sienna Woodland Edition.

Advantage: Toyota Sienna

6. Comfort and Utility

Both minivans appear sleek and contemporary inside and feel lavish if you opt for one of the highest trim levels. The process of getting in and out of one of the as well as the second-row seating is simple, and you’ll be able to find plenty of bins and storage slots.

Additionally, there are thoughtful features such as the floor mats on the Odyssey, which are designed to disguise dirt and the seventh-person Sienna’s captain’s chairs that offer an incredible 25 inches of forward and aft movement.

The Honda Odysseys of 2022, except the LX, include the Magic Slide feature for the second-row seats. Parents who wish to add three car seats can take advantage of Wide Mode, which lets you move the seat outboard forward towards the doors while the central seat remains fixed.

When the center seat is removed, Super Mode allows you to pull the seat outboard together, allowing access to the third row either on the passenger or driver side. In the absence of Super Mode, access to the rearmost seats of the Honda Odyssey is more restricted than that of the Toyota Sienna.

Doors that slide backward are standard for all trims. However, Honda does not offer the option of hands-free operation. The liftgate can be operated by power for the EX-L trim level and above, and the Honda Odyssey Elite has a hands-free liftgate.

The cargo capacity for the 2022’s Honda Odyssey is generous, even by minivan-style standards. Honda’s Minivan has a 32.8 cubic feet capacity in the 3rd row. 88.8 cubic feet in the seats in the second row and a maximum capacity of 144.9 cubic feet.

Its 2022 Toyota Sienna offers superb seat comfort, regardless of whether you select a seven- or 8-passenger seat arrangement. In addition to the tremendous second-row forward and back travel, 7-passenger Sienna features ottomans that fold out in the higher trim levels.

Except for the LE, all Toyota Siennas in 2022 includes hands-free power-sliding rear doors. Also, their doorways are highly spacious, allowing access to the third row. A power liftgate is offered on these trims, and a hands-free liftgate can be available.

The cargo volume in the 2022 Toyota Sienna falls short of the 2022 Honda Odyssey, but there’s plenty more space than you’ll find in other three-row SUVs of this size. The Sienna has 33.5 cubic feet of room in the 3rd row. 75.2 cubic feet of space behind second-row seats and a maximum volume of 101.0 cubic feet.

The advantage is that neither.

The Sienna is a winner for the comfort of passengers, While the Odyssey is the superior model in cargo capacity.

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Which Minivan Is the Right Choice for You?

There is nothing better than a minivan in terms of spaciousness and versatility, regardless of whether you have an entire soccer team to transport, a heavy weight to carry, or a growing family with gear.

Because of their compact design, most popular minivans take advantage of a small footprint and offer more room inside than an SUV. Similar to the SUV, they have all-wheel drive.

There are two minivans: the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are among the most well-known minivans on the market, and they’re not without reason. Both are comfortable, spacious and reliable, offering every safety and security feature consumers want. Both are priced to be affordable for the majority of families.

Although they share a common form that is evident in other similarities, There are some significant distinctions between them. The Sienna has all-wheel drive, while the Odyssey isn’t. However, the Odyssey also has advantages, such as a more attractive interior and a more efficient engine.


1. Who Should Buy the 2019 Honda Odyssey?

This year’s Honda Odyssey is for buyers looking for the latest and most advanced features, including an in-car vacuum cleaner, cameras for the rear seat, and an application called Are-We-There-Yet App.

2. Who Should Buy the 2019 Toyota Sienna?

Buyers who live in colder regions where the all-wheel drive comes in handy will love the Sienna. It’s perfect for those solely considering cargo space as a major aspect.

When driving from work to Rochester or taking your children to soccer practice in Fairport, The Honda Odyssey is the vehicle for you. Honda Odyssey can get you there with style and peace.

Go to Garber Honda in Rochester, Henrietta, and Pittsford regions today to experience the opportunity to test drive.

If you cannot make it to the dealership today, you can browse our inventory online to view all of the 2019 Odyssey models available and select the best one for your needs.

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