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Tyger Auto TG-AM2F20548 Star Armor Kit — A Review

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Trouble getting from your driveway into your driver’s seat or are you in the market for a step-up system o your truck? No one likes to struggle their way into their truck or car every day. It is annoying and unimportant, especially seeing how there are products that you can purchase and install on your truck or car to make this problem go away.

There are plenty of step-up or running board options to fix this common problem, especially in trucks, so it can feel a bit overwhelming when you decide to invest in this type of product. You have to look at features, durability, customer reports, and prices. It can feel like a lot to research for each product.

That why this review exists! This is a review on the Tyger Auto TG-AM2F20548 Star Armor Kit and will highlight all the important pieces of information such as compatibility and durability, as well as key features like materials, installation, and strength. In addition, we will take a look at customer reviews in order to get a complete picture of the product we are discussing.

Features and Factors of the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit

When looking at a product like the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit, it is important to look at the key features and factors that make it stand out from the competition. These features and benefits are often the key selling points and help raise the best products over the ones that do not have unique qualities.

The Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit is a complete and strong kit to install step-up running boards along the underside of your truck for ease of access, as well as stability and safety. Plus, these running boards look super cool.

Feature #1: Tyger Patented Star Metal Step-Ins

The Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit running boards are made from durable steel and have a patented design for comfort while using the step-ins. The steel itself is incredibly strong and durable, giving them a long lifespan with no issues or worries about the steel breaking after a few years.

The patented design was created with the consumer in mind, so your best interests are at the heart of the manufacturer. The steps on the running boards are step pads, meaning that they are not empty like the rest of the running board.

The steps are actual steps and made with the same high-quality steel as the rest of the running board for a seamless appearance and fantastic style. The steel, patented steps are marked with the sleek logo of the Tyger company, and textured for extra security on the footholds of the steps.

Feature #2: Built to Outlast the Competition

The Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit is designed to be the top of the line, and so they cut no corners. Not only is the product made of strong and durable steel, but it is reinforced in other ways to keep the life of the Tyger Auto Star running boards for years and years.

They are cleverly designed to keep dirt, water, and other debris out of the tubes of the running boards. Each tube has a cap at the end to prevent issues with debris entering the product and causing issues. This is very important in climates where there is water that frequently freezes in particular seasons.

Without the caps at the ends of the tubes, water could enter and freeze. When water turns into ice, the molecules expand causing the mass of the water to increase and create force pushing pressure into the sides of the tubes. This may not seem like a problem since the tubes are made out of steel, but this can cause fragility and make the running board steps deteriorate quicker.

These caps are perhaps one of the most important factors of the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit!

More Specifics and Information

In addition to these two key features that set the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit apart from the rest of its competitors, there are several others that customers view as important features, factors, and benefits of this product.

It is critical to address all aspects of the product you are looking at purchasing, so make sure that you are thinking about each feature as you read it!

Long-Lasting Protective Coatings and Additional Protection

The Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit has protected all of their steel tubes with double protection. Not only is the structural security and stability ensured by the tube caps at the ends, but the tubes themselves are coated and treated to prevent and protect from other environmental or aging issues that may arise during your usage of the product.

The Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit triple treats the steel used in the running boards for maximum protection from not only the elements and the weather, but rust and wear and tear as well. These three treatments prepare the steel for any type of possible damage, rust, or aging. The three treatments are as follows:

  1. A pre-treatment to remove any impurities from the steel to ensure it is high-quality
  2. A special “E Coat” that coats the inside and outside of the tubes.
  3. Dual-stage textured black powder that helps to prevent rust and aging damage to the steel tubes. The textured powder also acts as a grip in wet or snowy weather conditions or climates.

The Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit also has built-in protection for the underside of the running boards, since unexpected dings or hard impacts can usually damage the bottoms of most running board steps. Not with the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit, thanks to the underside protection!

Easy, No Mess Installation

The Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit has a very simple installation process that involves no drilling or major changes or infractions to the frame or body of your truck. The design of the running board steps is that it is one complete piece, which makes installing your step board at home super easy.

The whole step is one piece of metal that has been joined by strong welding. This makes installation much quicker than other products that first must be assembled and then attached.

Additionally, you do not need to drill or start any major changes to your truck’s structure. The Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit comes with comprehensive DIY instructions for an easy installation process for you that saves you time and money.

Local Customer Support, Policies, and Patented USA Design

The overall structure and design of the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit are patented under the United States Law, so you know that the technology and science behind this product are legitimate.

In addition to the patent, Tyger also backs the product and provides local customer support for easy troubleshooting and customer service for any unforeseen issues that you may encounter during installation.

The Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit automatically comes with a hassle-free 5-year warranty to combat any manufacturing issues that made their way to your truck or product. This is great for people who really enjoy having a support system in place by the company they are buying from in case something goes wrong on the manufacturing aspect of production!

What Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit Users Are Saying About It

One of the best ways to find out the legitimacy of a product is to take it to the customer report or review section and get an overview of how the product operates, lasts, and general feedback on the product.

Now that you have all the knowledge and information on the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit, let’s take a look into what customer reports and reviews have to say to help guide you!

Many customers have reported being very satisfied with the quality of the product and the performance of the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit. Several people who purchased this product have reported incredibly easy installation with complete instructions that were easy to understand and helped immensely during troubleshooting. Some say that an extra set of hands was helpful during the installation.

Several customers said that all the pieces of the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit came in perfect condition with the packaging intact and without damage to any pieces of the product. Additionally, people who purchased the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit reported that the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit appeared sturdy and well built straight out of the box.


If you are looking for a well built and sturdy product that is helpful and lasts for a long time, then the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit might be perfect for you! Now that you know all the important information on this product, you should check it out on Amazon! You will be able to find out more detailed information on compatibility, sizes, price, and shipping of this product is you are interested in making a purchase!

You can find the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit on Amazon.com at this link.

Tyger Auto TG-AM2F20548 Owner’s Manual:[PDF]

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